NS251chapter Historical inertia.Trough

Soil hospital。
The Qing Palace is anxious in front of the operating room.,Beside him,Fang Chuan’s platycodon sitting quietly。
At the moment I arrived in the Qing Dynasty,In fact, it is still late.。
Despite the Qing Dynasty, a punch will take it out.,The position of the shot has occurred,But his bullet is still shot.,Make the Qing Palace vomiting blood,Still like inertia,Hit the head of one pass。
After the anger, the Patho Jamshan kicked out directly.,The Qing Palace is going to carry a party to find the soul of the soul to treat,At this time,The car of Fukugawae http://www.renchenghualang.cn is also arrived.。
Despite the other super-powers in the urban city, it is very surprised.,But now the crisis,The two still cooperate with the tacit understanding of the party and the final work to the hospital。
“Although it is very popular,”In front of the operating room,Fang Chuan’s maylona suddenly said to the Qing Palace,“But is that child is not a hostility??why”
“Why save him?”Qing Palace heard this sentence,Stop the action,“Even if the hostility is hostile relationship,but,Do not affect me to save him。”
“why?”Yanchuan’s asculents,“Is there any special reason??”
“maybe。”Qing Palace is sighing,“In fact, the guy is very similar to me.,He did not feel good for researchers,me too;He participated in this experiment,me too;He is the same as the orphan.。”
Fang Chuanolan scallops,she knows,Next, what she http://www.fun525.cn heard,Perhaps it is a secret that she can’t think of it in her lives.。
“when I was young,Once an experimenter of a research institute。”The Qing Palace is slightly sat down,Look up and look at the ceiling,“But I am different from him.,I am not born, there is so powerful power.,that time,My ability is onlylevel 1,I don’t know how many times have experienced the extent to this extent.。”
“But I am lucky than him is,I met the old man in the institute.。”Qinggong smile,“He protects me for a long time,Let me grow smoothly.,Not to be used as a small mice。”
Fangchuan is quietly listening quietly,I didn’t say a word.,At this time she is just a listener。
“later,Old dead。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“In order to protect me,Killed by the dean of the institute。I escaped from the Institute,When walking, there is no way,Escaped http://www.longshengxieye.cn to this hospital。”
“Uncle has taken me.,And let me have the courage to continue。”Qinggong smile,Looking at the surprised Fangchuan,“No need to surprise,The darkness of the urban city, you should know much more than me.,Single is the plan of the sister, you can see the nausea of those researchers.,But you are better。”
“Later, I killed the dean.。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“Even his research institutes ruined with his ambitions,That is the only one I have killed so far.。”
Fang Chuan’s platycodon has some unbelievable look at Qing Palace,This is leading the municipality of the school city.owletTeenager,Actually so far,Just kill one person?
“Nothing is impossible。”It seems to read the horror in the eyes of Fukugawa,The Qing Palace is faint,“My organization never killed tasks,Although I don’t have any tasks, I can’t control them.,But it doesn’t mean that I am so roundabout.。”
“I have said that the guy is actually a type of person.。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“Even if we have been enemy,But does not affect my appreciation to him。”
“‘I killed 10,000 sisters.,But it doesn’t mean that I will see the rest of 10,000 sisters.’。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“What he said,Can see,Although he has been known as a villain and bad egg,But his essence, I still see clearly.。”
This sentence,In fact, it is not the one-party close-up of this world.,Instead, the past life is in the past after being defeated by Patho.,It is desperately to block the last time.,Although he did not say this because of his arrival of the Qing Palace.,But his actions have shown the same thing.。
“I am from his body now.,See the possibility。”The Qing Dynasty said softly, A Fangchuan is can’t understand.,But he himself is very clear。
Once in the alley,He said to one party。
The lamp of the operating room becomes green,Then the door opened,The earth is chasing the soul.,The first of the Qing Dynasty rushed。
“How about it,Uncle?”Asked in the Qing Palace,“His injury is no problem.?”
“I remember that you seem to be an enemy.?”The old man is slightly strange to watch the Qing Palace,“rest assured,Do you think who is moving??”
“He won’t affect what is the ability because of his head injury??”The Qing Palace is slightly sighful.,But there is still no worries。
“what?”It is completely surprised to the soul of the soul.,“how do you know”
Qing Palace suddenly felt a boy dizzy。