It’s really helpless to catch up.,It is not straightforward without straightness.,Even the self-defense is not a bottom gas。

Although this face is not right,But all the links are barely.。
“You jeally?What is it worthy of you??”Xiao Jie is not allowed to hear her words.,Or is the trust of her,“Heroism,Unspeak,Home world,Which is you??”
Yan Zhi was asked:“All jealousy。”
She avoids Xiao Jie sight,Piped:“Because I am not,I can’t get it.。”
This seems to have touched Xiao Yao against scales.,Eye gods reached the extent,Lost the spirit of the past:“Do you know what is really not getting?What is original in front of you, but you must not regret it.?If you really want me to kill,,Your eyes are put on me at the moment.,How to make me die for a moment?!”
I am very good.?
Born, why is it so clear that the arrogance is so clear??
What you can’t get?
Yan Branch jumped quickly,Now Xiao Jie gave her a sense of great threat.,The pre-sensing premonition is foresee of the fact that the end of the poor,She finally can’t help out the spiritual power,The handy man who was imprisoned。Xiao Yage reacts extremely fast arm to block,The distance is not kicked out from the distance.,竹 趁 着 微 微 不 道 道 道 道 相 剑 相 相 相。
This sword is like a blast,Hit the sword sword sheath,The two people bring a burst of airflow to the collision.。
Xiao Jie holds the sword handle, obviously more,Hand back,The aura is around him。 Water sword out of sheath,Two sword sword blades friction out and not pleasing,Jian Feng’s interlaced pressure,The two people who are confused from the cockroaches are rigid.。
Xiao Yao whispered:“You have a truth about me.?”
Yan Zhi hesitated。
She is unclear in front of Xiao Yao.。
Even early in your heart,When I saw the branch of the branch,Xiao Jie is a short-lived,Wan Brain is hit,The expression is blank.:“what……Sure enough。”
Xiao Yao didn’t go back to two steps under the feet.,So that branches do not have to expect the sword.。
This lightweight action is like a switch that touches a valve.,Xiao Yao hit the wooden table in the house,The table is with the ground rubbing a dull sound,It is difficult to restly lean against the table,Very bright『color』From the lips,Drop on the ground。
Yan Zhi looked at this scene,Can’t take care of the brach and shoulders,I looked at the sword in my hand.。
……She vomiting Xiao Yu?
NS73chapter Chapter 73, this is to me
It’s so gently open., Can hurt Xiao Yao into this?
This model,It should be that Xiao Yao affects the old injury.。
枝 顾 顾 交 交 交 交 手,Three steps to Xiao Yu, Hold him to rush。
Xiao Jo is probably resistant to her, After she encountered her, she was stiff., It is unable to do it without lifting the blood of the lips.,Only she will help her own。
Yan Zhi took Pat to wipe it clean,I poured a glass of water to his lips.,The sound is very slow,I am afraid that the voice can be stimulated deeper.:“Brother,Drink water。”
Xiao Yao looked at the reflection of branches through clear water in the cup.,She is smilling, Look at yourself in the appearance。
Since all all fake, This worries are concerned,Who is it??
“Brother……Are you still listening to me??”Branch is careful that the sound is close to the ear,“I will first ask the warm teacher.。”
Xiao Yao has no words。Him『chaos』Be numb, Not out,The sharp emotional emotional emotions with anger and ridicule is too intense., Shake him as a fundamental day machine。