869 gambling

Ruan Tian only thought Chen Xiu was scared,Even more proudly:“Don’t worry about this,The town naturally has a team of appraisers,Then you can make them fair、Fair appraisal of who is more valuable!”
Chen Xiu looks at Wu Yuanjia,Otherwise, he nodded and said:“The appraiser team here is still very fair,Will not cheat!”
“Row,Then let’s start!”
Speaking of which Chen Xiu hasn’t drilled the stone for a long time,It’s also a temporary itch。
“and many more!”
Chen Xiu looked at Ruan Tian suspiciously,Just listen to what he said:“Our gambling agreement also has to write a sentence,Otherwise!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t care,Anyway, I have a perspective eyeUG,Betting on rocks、Or go to Australia Island to bet,These are hard for him to lose!
Chen Xiu and Ruan Tian signed the paper,Each signed and handprinted。
Seeing Ruan Tian carefully collected the paperwork,Chen Xiu said strangely:“You are not afraid that you have won me thousands or millions,I have no money to lose to you?”
“Hehe……On my site,You lose to you me,I have a way to make you slowly earn it back to me!”
Ruan Tian is even more proud,Thought to myself:“I’m really not afraid you have no money to lose!If you lose,I’ll use your girlfriend as a mortgage when that happens,100,000 per night,To the old Zhuhuang and then sell it to the market;If it’s not enough,Your kid is fine skin and tender meat,Sell you to the night market。Always earn it back!”
The stone betting game officially begins,Chen Xiu is not in a hurry,First, I watched it,First, you don’t need to see through the eyes to choose the stone,But based on my own experience, I spent one hundred thousand to buy two large rough stones。