really,When the crescent moon looms into the clouds,The triangular stone platform has changed,A red light burst out from that hidden cave,Fall on the stone platform,Red light gradually condenses into substance,Just like molten iron just poured out,Overflowing from the platform,Then infiltrate along the three sections,The black stone platform gradually turned red,Suddenly remembered the dry and unpleasant sound in the sky,It seems that someone is reciting a scripture or mantra,Chanting,I seem to be singing some songs on and off。

The wasteland suddenly blew,The dark clouds in the sky gather more and more,The clouds above the stone platform began to rotate slowly,With an extremely eye-catching red light rising into the sky on the triangular stone platform,The rotating clouds are going crazy,Amidst the rapid rotation,Then,A huge black sphere condenses in the center of the vortex,The red light inside is rolling and roaring like blood。
Such a terrifying sight,Make Xue Qifeng’s scalp numb,Faintly feeling my mind、The soul is stirred by this huge vortex,Then dragged,He suddenly realized that he had been locked by this strange triangular stone platform,From the moment he stayed here in the afternoon,But he didn’t notice it at all,Actually dare to go to the cave to check,Even if it was hit hard,Still overwhelming。
at the moment,Xue Qifeng is soberly aware,By his power,Don’t say seal and destroy the stone platform,Even fleeing becomes a luxury,I regret calling the same door,So he resisted this terrifying gravity,Write down this brief experience with the secret method of the sect,Condense into a flying sword with thought power,Escape quickly,The intention is to warn the same door not to come again,Avoid it。
Two days later,The talents from the sect found the flying sword left by Xue Qifeng in the wasteland,Already bleak is about to annihilate,But didn’t heed Xue Qifeng’s warning,Stayed on the wasteland for three full months,But never looked for the triangular stone platform and cave described in Feijian,Naturally did not find Xue Qifeng。
This secret story was later recorded by Xue Qifeng’s apprentice,Coexist in the sect‘Yijiantang’Inside,Non-direct disciples cannot read,Nearly 300 years have passed since Li Hao saw this rumor。
Li Hao was extremely impressed by the adventures and unsettled cases of the ancestors,He has even seen the pattern of the triangular stone platform painted by Xue Qifeng’s disciple repeatedly,It is very similar to the blood triangle under Xiao Yanda’s body,Ordinary people cannot see with naked eyes,It’s hard to perceive the energy fluctuations in it,But Li Haoneng,He even heard a terrifying sound,Like a heavy object fell and bounced,Or the heartbeat of some behemoth。
Chapter nine hundred and fifty three Change of Liuyun View
And with that shocking voice,In Li Hao’s perception, I saw the ripples on the blue plane of the space fissure.,Although insignificant,But it’s no coincidence。
Should be cut off,Li Hao who left quickly,Like a demon,He wanted to see what happened,The things hidden in the triangular stone platform are very attractive,Whether the devil or the monster,It’s like the scene that Master saw 300 years ago,Will repeat itself today。
Li Hao was not disappointed,A terrifying head appeared above the triangular stone platform in the phantom,Bloody,It looks like the skin has just been stripped off,Blood vessel、The muscles are entangled with the bluish-white fascia,Daunting,Including eye holes、The nostrils and many other places are constantly leaking blood,The upper and lower jaws of the skull are moving,As if to tell something,Ghastly。
The head is slowly turning,Li Hao felt dangerous,The violent shaking of his quiet body uncontrollable by the real crisis,But his strong curiosity drove him to look up at his head,So the head also glanced at him,Hollow eyes except for the deep black,Nothing,Li Hao’s head was suddenly exploded,Blank。
Rainy night without stopping,When Li Hao woke up,The sky is already bright,He feels weakness in his limbs,Terrible headache,Suddenly remembered the cold last night,He sat up suddenly,Found myself lying on the single bed。
How is this going?Li Hao’s thoughts suddenly fail to connect,I clearly remember that I went out last night,Seems to have gone up the back mountain,I saw a terrible mountain ghost,He hides in the cold haystack and observes,But got caught in the rain for a long time,then……No more,Should have gone to sleep,But I don’t know who brought it back to the dormitory。
The single bed next to is empty,The bedding has been stacked neatly,Junior brother went on duty early in the morning,Could it be that he found himself in the back mountain?It seems logically impossible,Or maybe other comrades found themselves?
Li Hao feels incredible,Although there are sentries in the back mountain,,But he remembered that after deliberately avoiding the opponent last night,Got into the grass nest with a deeper angle,No reason to be found,Not a mobile whistle,Or sleepwalking,Walked back to the dormitory by myself?
But it’s always good to come back safely anyway,The cold and terrifying breath last night,Li Hao doesn’t want to endure it again,It’s a pity that the mountain ghost looks like,He can’t remember,Sitting on the bed holding his head for a long time,What surprised Li Hao,Except for the cold grass nest,His memory is really fragmented。
Big night,Why leave the dorm?How to get to the back mountain?What do you see in the grass nest?I don’t know,Li Hao even suspected that he was sleepwalking,Don’t say he has practiced for nearly 20 years,As a boy,I have never had such a disease。
Li Hao is sick,Fever to 40 degrees,Very serious,Many comrades come to visit,Including Shen Wenyu、Xiao Yanda is here,Everyone discussing,If the high fever continues,Must send him down forcibly,Go to hospital for treatment。