“Twenty years ago, Mr. Wu Wenjie was the Wall Street ace trader who dominated the world’s financial situation.,He has accumulated huge wealth by virtue of his excellent trading methods,Including the four major consortia in Southeast Asia and7000Billion dollar‘Diplomatic bond’,In fact, they are all the wealth of Mr. Wu Wenjie!”

“Speak bluntly,In front of Mr. Wu Wenjie,Wu Minghao is more like a worker,At best, it’s just a pug next to Mr. Wu Wenjie,That is to help Mr. Wu Wenjie run errands、The role of spreading。”
“The leakage of the secret plan will cause unmeasured losses to Mr. Wu Wenjie’s wealth.,Even the wealth that Mr. Wu Wenjie has accumulated over the years will be wiped out。”
“Therefore, Mr. Wu Wenjie has no reason to disclose the secret plan to the Arrow Sakura organization.,Help the Arrow Sakura organization trap itself in an impossible place。”
“But Wu Minghao is not,Although he is Mr. Wu Wenjie’s nephew,But he is just a collateral relative of Mr. Wu Wenjie,He is not the legal heir of Mr. Wu Wenjie in law。”
“So even if Mr. Wu Wenjie mixes well,,No amount of accumulated wealth,It’s not directly related to Wu Minghao,Whether Wu Minghao can inherit Mr. Wu Wenjie’s wealth is no one can say。”
“And if Mr. Wu Wenjie never intends to let Wu Minghao inherit wealth from beginning to end,Wu Minghao is more motivated to act as an undercover agent,Go with the Jian Ying organization,Let’s deal with Mr. Wu Wenjie together。”
“So obviously,If there is a traitor among Wu’s uncle and nephew,That traitor must be Wu Minghao, no doubt,No doubt!”Michelle said with great certainty。
After listening to Michelle’s explanation,Qiao Tianyu admitted that Michelle made a lot of sense,And Qiao Tianyu really thinks so。
And if this matter is kept as usual,Maybe Qiao Tianyu will firmly believe that Wu Minghao is a traitor without hesitation!
First0478chapter You have to be a brother
But since the melee in the British Virgin Islands,Qiao Tianyu encountered the conspiracy and trick,I deeply feel that the current world offshore financial market is shocking every step、Pits everywhere,It made him feel a little jittery。
Wu Wenjie and Wu Minghao have laid out for many years, calculating the British and American factions,Wu Minghao betrayed his uncle again,Together with Jian Ying organization calculation Wu Wenjie,And Kobayashi Yamaki set up many traps in the British Virgin Islands, waiting for Qiao Tianyu to drill。
As the investigation progresses,More and more unthinkable insiders pounced on,And many news are far beyond Qiao Tianyu’s expectations,Subverted many previous cognitions of Qiao Tianyu,Beat Qiao Tianyu’s mind,Really overwhelmed。
I really don’t know as the investigation continues,Will there be more insider information exposed?,So this time Qiao Tianyu really didn’t dare to extrapolate。
Besides,,Even if it can be determined that Wu Minghao is a traitor,Knowing that Wu Minghao works with the Arrow Sakura organization and the Americans,In the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”Deploy a world network,Waiting for Qiao Tianyu to vote,But what can?