I worked hard, I have no regrets.

I worked hard, I have no regrets.

The bitter ploughing of the spring before the piece of soil, laughing and picking the granules after the autumn.

Heaven pays, I work hard, I have no regrets!

  Spring is coming again, and at this moment of turmoil and blood, all our senior high school teachers gather here to cheer for June and cheer for the college entrance examination.

“The horn sounds urging people to enter, the drums are rumbling and lyrical.” When Wanmi raced to the 100-meter sprint, we heard the order to accelerate.

From now on, we must intervene in the college entrance examination review in the spirit of smashing the boat, and focus on the confidence of the college entrance examination, and the perseverance of perseverance to make up for the final battle.

  ”A bitter person, the sky is not lost; the salary is daring, three thousand more than A can swallow Wu.”

Classmates, fight hard!

I hope that in the last two months or so, you must do it: to invigorate the spirit, to be high-spirited; to give up distracting thoughts and to endure loneliness; to dedicate yourself to overcome difficulties; to race against time and study hard; to accept experience and learn lessons;Summarize methods; standardize operations, reduce errors; accumulate knowledge, improve ability; master skills and improve efficiency.

  ”Ten years of swords and swords today, the horses and horses are close, and a test of the front of the June Yang Yangmei good news.

“Students, in the past more than 900 days and nights, we have experienced the hardships of Shushan trekking, and tasted the bitterness of the sea bream.

Maybe in the monthly exam, you are the winner of the exam, so in the final sprint, I hope that you will be able to guard against arrogance and arrogance, to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, to devote yourself to further achievements, and to make the beautiful flowers of March become the golden fruit of June.Perhaps you have been stunned, lost, and have been left behind in repeated climbs.

Take the setbacks as steps, be tenacious, be patient, and you will be happy with copyright.

Think of tempering as wealth, be more confident, be brave, and you will appreciate the heroicness of the vast sky.

“The sea is boundless by the sea, and the mountain is the top of the mountain.” As long as we continue to pursue and work tirelessly, we will be able to make our dreams come true.

  ”Gan will be bloody when it rains, and the peach blossoms will be red.”

Here, I would like to thank the predecessors who have fought in the front line of teaching in the third year of high school. It is your discarding, no regrets and no regrets to achieve the glory of Tieyizhong yesterday. Thanks to the young and middle-aged teachers who have quietly paid and thought deeply, you are obsessed.Pursuit, tenacious struggle to release the hope of Zhiyuan Middle School today.


Let us join hands and work together in the same boat.

Continue to carry forward the spirit of being a school and be a teacher.

Sincere unity, cooperation; unified deployment, coordination steps; painstaking research, eager to prepare lessons; common improvement, common progress, and jointly create the brilliant tomorrow of Zhiyuan Middle School.

  Children are the whole world, and the growth of children includes the patience, care, love and pains of every parent.

The children’s college entrance examination entrusted the expectations and dreams of each parent.

In the crucial moment of preparing for the college entrance examination, I hope that parents can help children adjust their mood, peace of mind, healthy eating, work and rest, and easy to take.

  Good winds borrowed power, when Zhou Jiyu Hai Naibo; my heart flies, will hear nine days.

The finals of the college entrance examination, Fang Xian heroes.

Classmates, come on!

We are sincere and pragmatic, diligent and thoughtful, and do our best to prepare for the college entrance examination; our ambitions and enthusiasm are full of enthusiasm for the success of June.