Mental Quality Training Enters MBA Class

Mental Quality Training Enters MBA Class

With the continuous expansion of the MBA enrollment scale, the psychological status of MBA students has received increasing attention.

Psychological tests, expert analysis, interactive games, field expansion . The “psychological quality training” composed of these contents is appearing more and more on the schedules of various MBAs in this city.

  East China University of Science and Technology is out of the halo of the past. This city is the first university in the city to offer this course in the MBA.

Regarding the effect of the course, He Jing, who is about to receive an MBA degree from the school, said, “Change your mindset, change your way of thinking, and get out of the aura of the past.

This is my first class after I arrive in Shanghai.

He Jing told reporters that when he resigned and came to Shanghai to study for an MBA, he thought that “MBA is a magic bag, and he can change everything.” But he gave him a “ruthless blow”: he wanted to find a job while studyingSending it out, like two or three months, is like sinking in the sea; I associate with the seniors and find that their experiences are more brilliant than themselves, “If I go to compete for their position, I will definitely fail.

He said that at the time it felt like it had fallen into a trough, without direction and confidence.

  It’s more than just Jing who knows his strengths and weaknesses and is shrouded by a serious defeat defeat.

According to Huang Lujin, deputy dean of the School of Business and Economics of East China University of Science and Technology, most of the 35 students in the class of He MBA are in this class.

This state makes the hospital worry, how to tap the potential of each person, so that students correctly understand their strengths and weaknesses, has become the key to solving the problem.

  Therefore, psychological quality training came into being.

According to He Jing, as a required course, this course has a total of 20 hours and is divided into two stages.

In the first stage, students analyze each other’s problems and find ways to solve them; in the second stage, they ask the graduated excellent books to “present themselves” to help students clear direction and rebuild self-confidence.

The courses are of various forms, including indoor lectures, sports activities and outdoor development. The farthest trip to Suzhou is to use night climbing to train students’ stress resistance and team spirit.

  Psychology class is not embellished. Ye Bin is the director of the Psychological Counseling Center of East China Normal University and one of the main designers of the MBA psychological quality training course for East China University of Science and Technology.

According to him, psychological quality training is just a collective term, in fact, the focus of each school is different.

For example, the East China University of Science and Technology attaches great importance to communication skills and a positive attitude. Shanghai Jiaotong University focuses on cultivating self-awareness, while Donghua University focuses on stress relief.

However, he also reminded that MBA psychological quality training can not be swarmed.

Some schools now consider embellishment for such courses. There are only half a day to about two days of classes without any pertinence at all, and the effect can be imagined.