The black man’s voice turns into a woman’s voice,As if,“Kill god,Don’t you want to know who I am??”

“Oh?then who are you?”
“You kill my father,Kill my brother and sister。”The voice of the woman is like a ghost,Tremorism,“Do you say who I am?!”
Summer opening,Suddenly smirked two times,“Don’t tell me what turning the turtle,As long as you can kill you,I am willing to pay any means!If it is not the damn guards disrupted my plan,I still don’t show up.!”
Summer 心流 流,Narrow,“God Tarato?When did he have a daughter??”
“What you don’t know?。”Woman is smirking,“I am afraid that you have never thought that I will become a new overlord.。”
Summer faceless expression,“Then how do you have courage now to die??”
“Die?Hehehe,Ha ha ha ha……”
Women sharp laugh,Sound from the night from the night,“Even the guardians in your country can’t kill me.,What’s more?,There is enough nonsense.,Die!”
Voice is just,She is like a ghost general.,At the same time,“Deathlight!”
Night color,A dark light tear dark,Summer sweep。
This is a very rare exotic……Not qi matches,Instead, like a sickle, it is generally dark as ink.,Once you are hit,Specially destroyed internal organs。
Summer does not hesitate to make a knife,If you don’t think about it is a knife.,Suiry is shot out。
Both rapid collision,But there is no sound,But the black and white two light in the half-air is like boiling water.,Sizely swept the eight parties。
Don’t look at the two people,But no one is doing。
This record is under the collision,The powerful waves fly out of the two people.。
Summer adjustment center,Slightly frown。
He didn’t expect that the other party could have hard to fight hard and did not fall.,I want to know that he will break through the two orders.。
Various ideas flash in the mind,But his movements are dissatisfied,The whole person is shaped,Handheld snake knife to break heavy gas waves,Go straight。
A remember a knife far away,气,Creating a hustle maturity,It seems to be a woman’s striped shoulders。
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NS1171chapter repel
In fact,If you can,The woman really does not want to face the summer。
Her father and her sister are dead in the summer.,Treatment of God is also removed。
Not exaggerated,Summer 悍 record,I have already left an indelible shadow in the woman’s mind.。
Even if she has become a new hegemony。
So I have been secretly using a variety of conspiracy calculations to kill the summer.。