One air conditioner is less, there are thousands of pieces.,Such a good thing is just like a tart with the sky in the eyes of Liu Dafu.。

He can even guess why Li Hui is in Qin Su Yaji installed air conditioner.。
Nothing is the village head of daughter Xu Yingying,There is also a woman known as the fox essence.。
“Xiao Li.,Do you have time tonight??
Uncle feels a lot,But still there is a little unhappy.。”
Zhao Xiaoli, on the side, listened to this,Don’t turn over the eyes,Heartway:“Can we have strength,Did not stop for two consecutive nights,I still have an event this afternoon.,It is the man who is fighting.。”
However, these Zhao Xiaoli is also thinking about it.,She is definitely not mentioned。
“Li Hui, heard Liu Dafu, it seems serious.,The brow is not a wrinkle。”
“Liu Shu,impossible,Said the reason for two days,You have suffered such a big pain and stimulated your acupoints should be restored to your body.。”
“Xiao Li,Let’s take a look.,Uncle is really not lie to you。”
Liu Dafu said,Still matches the appearance of cough,Cough。
Li Hui Feng is also afraid.,After all, if you really have a life.,He has a unstractive responsibility。
When it is directly with Zheng Tiancheng, Zhao Wu, he said hello.,Settled out。
This time I came to Liu Dafu’s door.,But I found that Zhao Xiaoli waited at the door early.。
Today, Zhao Xiaoli wears a mid-term,This also let Li have a breath in his heart.。
Entered the house,I saw Liu Dafu lying in bed.,Face wax yellow,Lips whites。
Li Hui Feng, which is seen this scene is also scared.。
“Liu Shu,What is this??
The face is too bad.?”
“Didn’t do anything,Just feeling weak,Easy to sweat,It is really uncomfortable.。”
Li Hui said this,Hurry to Liu Dafu。
moment,He has a reason for Liu Dafu’s physical symptom in his mind.。
Especially seeing the life of the two consecutive days.,Li Hui Feng feels that he is not so crazy.。
“Liu Shu,You don’t want to be life.。”
Chapter 404 Red Snake
How does Li speaks from the wind? Liu Dafu will be so crazy.。
Look at the standing side,Zhao Xiaoli, full of worry about the color,Ruddy,Although the eyes are full of worried, it is the shot of the light color in the eyes.,This is obviously Liu Dafu’s credit.。
Liu Dafu saw that Li Hui’s face is satisfactory.,I can’t help but have a sudden sudden。
“Xiao Li,Do you have a doctor??”
“Um,Governance,But give you another time.,Don’t follow the scorpion at night.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng was so bluntly said.,Even if you think that Liu Dafu, Liu Dafu, very thick, is also a bit。