Cheng Wenjing heard the words,Driving Tang Judi Girder smile,Didn’t put this sentence as really。
“Ager,You mention the gambling god,I suddenly remembered a thing,He has to play poker with the gambling king of Singapore.,The group I know is discussing this matter.。”Tang Judi said。
“Jude sister like this?”
“That is not,Occasionally play a mahjong,Cultivation。”
“That’s good,Gambling this kind of thing is still less,There is no good end.,Even if the gambling god”
Liao Wenjie dialect half,People are so unlucky,He doesn’t say the wind and the sky.。
Have a rich man,Tang Judi is very picky,Because of love beauty,Not a gourmet, she is absolutely not touching。
She is invited to a Chinese restaurant in a member.,No hall,Only separate private rooms,environment of grace,first rate service,Dispells are inertile,Square action when I get the card。
“How about it,I am not very handsome when I swipe.?”
“You should ask such a quiet sister。”
“This gimmick is crazy today.,The whole process will give you a eye,I haven’t allowed for a few days,You should send me a green hat.。”
“probably not,Wen Jing sister is intentionally。”
“how to say?”
“She is close to me,You are jealous,I am in this way, let you alienate me.,pity,A little eager to seek。”
“No bar,You can see this。”
Tang Judi widened,Troubled to take the car,Small channel:“Ager,Teach me two strokes,You understand the woman so much,There must be a stroke。”
“Jude sister,Your curiosity is a bit heavy,this is not good。”
“Pooh,I dare to tune。”
Tang Judi disdainfully:“Ager,Not you get enough,But my Tang Judi saw the big wind waves.,You have not enough。”
Liao Wenjie laughs,Straighteousness,Three people rushed to the next stop。
original,Tonight should be veryhappyRetake,Until the spicy man appears。
Night General 2nd Floor,Tang Judi with two major laws,Walking the pace of six pro,Far away,The end of the corridor,A burst of laughter。
“a ha ha ha”
Too magical,Be too familiar,Liao Wenjie can also guess Zhou Xingxing with toes,Look at the voice,really
Although a mold with Zhou Xingxing,But the corner of your mouth is a mole.,The look is more embarrassed。
Material is not bad,This person should be the husband of Tang Judi’s husband.。
“million,How are you here??”
Tang Judi face is ugly,Wang Million is holding a cigar,Left, hold two beautiful women,Obviously nightlife has just begun。
“I will ask this to ask.,What are you doing here??”
Wang Million won the cigar,Seeing Cheng Wenjing’s eyes,Look at Liao Wenjun:“so it is,With a small white face to find a heart,Say everyone all play,I will not bother you anymore。”
Say,Wang Million wants to open the road of Tang Judi。