What are the common symptoms in the early stage of trachoma?

What are the common symptoms in the early stage of trachoma?

What are the common symptoms of trachoma early?

In fact, many people do not know what kind of disease is this trachoma, but only know that trachoma is an ophthalmology disease.

In fact, trachoma is a parasite of eye diseases, which generally occurs on the conjunctiva. The common symptom is that there will be a rough appearance. So, is there some form of symptoms in the early stage of trachoma?

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Symptoms of early trachoma 1, suffering from foreign body sensation, tears.

2, sacral conjunctiva and sacral conjunctiva congestion, blood vessels blurred, nipple hypertrophy, follicular hyperplasia, scar formation gray-white line or mesh.

3, corneal vasospasm.

Early signs of trachoma 1, blood and blood vessel blurred: due to vasodilatation, diffuse lymphocytes and plasma cells infiltrated under the conjunctival epithelium, so that the transparent conjunctiva becomes turbid and hypertrophic, the blood vessel contour is unclear, showing a fuzzy congestionshape.
2, nipple hypertrophy: 睑 睑 睑 睑 面 面 面 , , , , , 粗糙 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑

3, filter hyperplasia: is the conjunctival subepithelial tissue on the basis of diffuse infiltration, formed by confined lymphocytes.

At the initial onset, the upper conjunctiva appears scattered in the fine yellow-white dots, not prominent on the surface of the conjunctiva, and is intermingled between the hypertrophic nipples, which is one of the early diagnosis of trachoma.

The above is to introduce some symptoms about the early stage of trachoma, I believe that after reading, the understanding of trachoma will be more clear.

In fact, trachoma is a very common disease in life. Some people do not know how to use the eye, it will lead to the emergence of this disease.

If you find yourself with symptoms of trachoma, be careful not to rub your eyes and treat them accordingly.