Spine Yoga improves bone symptoms


Spine Yoga improves bone symptoms

Action essentials: start kneeling on the ground with both knees.

Keep your knees apart from your feet and shoulder width.

Inhale, support the waist with both hands, send the lumbar joint forward, exhale, support the right heel with your right hand, and shrink your left arm backwards. Hold for 3 to 5 breathing times before inhaling.

The raised hand slowly retracted to support the waist, and the right hand also retracted.

Relax sitting hero sitting position.

  Efficacy: It greatly shrinks the muscles of the legs, abdomen, complications, etc., stimulates the spinal nerves, promotes blood circulation in all parts, adjusts and massages the waist and internal organs of the abdomen, effectively promotes the pectoral muscles, breast fullness, and helps eliminate headaches, shoulder acidity and insomnia.


Half-moon (variant) action essentials: Put your feet together and slowly lift your right leg back.

Grasp the raised leg from the back with your right hand, inhale, and slowly lift your left hand to move your body forward and down to the ground, exhale, relax your body, and hold for a few seconds.

Breathe in, lift your legs down, lower your body slowly, exhale and relax.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the strength of toes, thighs, shoulders, waist and abdomen, shrink the shoulders, tibia, spine, gluteal groove and heels, enhance the sense of balance, improve concentration, relieve stress and improve digestion.


Tips for strengthening sideways movements: appropriate mountain style, with both thighs wide open, turn your right foot to a full 90-degree angle, turn your left foot about 75-degree, and turn your torso to the right.

Inhale, intersect behind your hands, exhale, with your torso forward and your hands raised forward until your head touches your right knee.

  Efficacy: Fractured spine, relaxation of hip joints, strengthening of leg muscles, contraction and strengthening of tibial organisms, promotion of shoulder joint relaxation and flexibility.


God monkey-style action essentials: first kneel the left leg to the ground, and bend the right leg into a lunge.

Hold your hands on the sides of your thighs, push your upper body weight onto your thighs, and straighten your left leg to the ground.

The center of gravity of the upper body is retracted, the back of the spine is perpendicular to the ground, the body is reassembled back to the side of the body, the hands support the ground, and then the right leg is slowly straightened to the ground.

Breathe naturally and keep this asana for 5 breaths.

Then he knelt up.

  Efficacy: Compression strengthens leg muscles and ligaments, lengthens leg lines, and keeps legs slim.

  The first time I saw Mr. Liang Yufang was at the establishment meeting of the Vegetarian Culture Advocacy Committee of the Guangdong Humanities Association.

Mr. Liang, from Nanning, Guangxi, is 54 years old. He always feels quiet when talking and acting.

According to Teacher Liang, she began to use yoga as a lifelong choice after she began to contact yoga more than a decade ago.

The introduction of Guangzhou this time is to bring the yoga experience and ideas of Guangdong back to Nanning through exchanges with Guangdong yoga instructors and coaches, so that yoga can also grow and develop in Guangxi.

Regarding yoga movements, Teacher Liang believes that spine exercise is very important in yoga movements. When the spine exercise is done, it will greatly improve the whole body’s bones.