Wang Youcai finished,Just withdraw。Chen Feng followed two steps up and said:“Boss Wang!Xia Jian in your village is back to Pingdu,Do you know this?”

“I really don’t know about it”Wang Youcai whispered,Actually he lied on purpose。He participated in the election for the mayor of Xiping Village,How could he not know if Xia Jian came back??
Chen Feng laughed as soon as he heard it:“I can tell you,Our chance is here,Now in Pingdu, my brother Chen Jiang has the final say。And the mayor of Pingyang Township,Privately, our relationship is also extraordinary。So as long as we two join hands,Isn’t it a trivial matter to clean up Xia Jian?”
“That’s a good relationship!Think about it first,Wait for a plan,Let’s work together again”Wang Youcai said,Just take two steps。As soon as he heard Chen Feng say that Pingdu City is now his brother,I can’t help but get confused。What happened to this??
Wang Youcai came out of the TV station,He couldn’t help but slow down。He couldn’t believe this Chen Feng,If he calls the police,Isn’t he a turtle in the urn?。
Wang Youcai, this thief,He walks a few steps,I got into an alley in a flash。Then drilled two more horizontally,Found no one behind,Only then slowed down。
For Wang Youcai, Pingdu,He knows all the streets。These twists and turns,When he walked on the road, he found out,Go by yourself,Crossing half a flat city。
Stand on the side of the road and take a look,Found this place is not far from where Chen Xiaoju and Xu Lihong live,Thought for a while,Wang Youcai thinks this place is temporarily safe for him。
Tossing down this week,It’s ten thirty。Wang Youcai still dealt with two people at Yao Chunni’s house at noon,Until this time,He felt thirsty and hungry。
There happened to be a small shop on the side of the road,Wang Youcai looked around,I found no one behind me,Then I walked in gently,He bought two bottles of beer,Asked for a box of biscuits,And two chicken drumsticks。This is his dinner,The restaurant came too late for dinner,Secondly, he was afraid of meeting acquaintances。
I walked to the gate of Chen Xiaoju’s rental house,Wang Youcai reached out and pushed,Found a lock on the door。It seems that these two women are out。
This is really hard,I wanted to sleep in a place here,It seems bad luck,He just thought of another way。Suddenly Wang Youcai’s eyes penetrated the gap in the door,I found lights on in two houses just west of。This means someone is inside!Why did you lock the door from outside??
Wang Youcai is a little puzzled,He lay on the gap in the door,Whispered inward:“Xu Lihong!Xu Lihong…”Wang Youcai yelled several times。
I just heard the creak of the west door,A figure came out in a flash,She whispered:“who are you?”
When Wang Youcai heard it was Xu Lihong’s voice,He said very happily:“Xu Lihong!I am your king brother。how?Don’t even know me anymore?”