“Xiao Lang,Xiao Lang,No,Never。”At this moment,Aunt Bai Xin rushed over,Hurriedly grabbed Zhu Minglang’s hand,Motion him to release。

“What a jerk,Even assault here!”The half-bearded man was furious,He patted Zhu Minglang with his palm。
His palm,A huge print appeared,Like a blazing door。
In the door, a purple dragon full of flames opened its mouth,Bit on Zhu Minglang’s body。
Bai Xin sees it,In a hurry to stand in front of Zhu Minglang,But Zhu Minglang stopped Bai Xin with one hand,A pair of eyes suddenly flashed with red glow,The momentum skyrocketed in this instant,Like a shaman!
“Sword spirit dragon。”
Come in one channel,Just watch a sword break through the space,I can only see the gorgeous phantom flashing out,It slashed towards the blue dragon with purple flames without everyone reacting.。
That purple flame blue dragon was shocked,Originally wanted to bite and swallow Zhu Minglang,But for a moment he dared not get out of that door,Escape back to the spiritual realm like an earthworm。
“Xiao Lang,Xiao Lang……”Bai Xin once again discouraged。
And at this moment,Everyone in the gate looked at here,Watching Zhu Minglang pinching the black young man’s neck。
“Isn’t that wishful thinking????”
“Is Zhu Tianguan’s son,Is the sword repaired so bright??”
“Isn’t there a rumor that he is dead??”
“Zhu Minglang was once the little demon of the imperial capital,Even the children of the royal family have been cut off by him,Hao Shaocong, Zi Zonglin’s major disciple, might be out of luck。”