And Lu Menglin was also in this series of explosions,Secretly cursed“Really amazing!”

Fortunately he is alert enough,Fight with toad fishing vigor wire,And did not choose to carry,It’s because of those spirit guns that fell from the sky,All are equivalent to a psychic bomb,If it falls on,Suddenly hit by so many mental bombs,Even if people are not crazy,I have to be burnt,Dizzy。
And this kind of self-destructive attack that specifically hurts the soul,Will greatly damage one’s mental strength,Usually used by the surgeon to die with the enemy,Banned move,I didn’t expect that shikigami
So cunning,It would make such a shameful method。
I blocked the chance by fishing toad,Lu Meng rises from the ground,Finally broke。
He is angry,Naturally no longer show mercy,Meditation《Zhenwu Powerful Jue》,Under the spiritual strength,The dharma body of Emperor Zhenwu took shape rapidly,Shrouded above the head of the gods and demons。
This real body of Emperor Zhenwu imagined by Lu Menglin,Baoxiang solemn,Mighty and majestic,Comes with a sense of righteousness。
Mind moved slightly,Lu Menglin looks like a warrior,Threw a punch。
And the real body of Emperor Zhenwu above his head is also in the same posture,Threw a punch。
This punch is hitting the chest of the troll god,A crisp buzz,Beat that troll god back again and again,Lingbo collapsed a lot,An empty piece appeared on the chest。
Lu Menglin knows how to hit a snake with a stick,Do not relax at all times,A few more punches,Drive Zhenwu Dharma Body,Beat that troll god,Shaky。
Seeing Mr. Lu show his power,The teachers and students of Beibu University in front of the screen looked fascinated,Intently。
Especially Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu,Before seeing the teacher,They never thought that the battle between the strong could be like this?This scene in front of you,Has completely subverted their perceptions。
This is just a fight between gods!body、Wu、spirit、God,Strange tricks,All show their magic!As long as one of them is poor in cultivation,Weak,It’s very possible to be restrained by the enemy and don’t even know how to die。
The two in the battle,Obviously not even a mutant,But it’s more exciting than the battle between mutants.!
For a time,Even those silver-clothed instructors have been deeply attracted,Fascinated。
Actually these people don’t know,Whether it is Beiwu teachers and students,Or these silver clothes,They were able to witness the confrontation between the two top ten in the world,For their future practice,What a great guiding role。