Just like http://www.dsilearning.cn this middle-aged woman,Even now is now,Give the summer a deep feeling。

At the beginning, he and the middle-aged woman killing five elements.,Haven’t stayed yet。
Can now be promoted to the cave,Instead,,Middle-aged woman occasionally flows,Sharp and sharp。
“what’s up。”
Just when summer thoughts,Middle-aged woman faint。
“Three years ago,Some people pretend to be me,I happened to be encountered,We are fighting,Do you still remember?。”
Middle-aged women’s eyes flashed a variety,“Remember。”
Ji Bao bottle looks in summer,“Heard it.,I didn’t lie to you.,At that time, the man was exactly the same as my dress.,White yarn cover,Even she didn’t know。”
It seems that the Ji Bao bottle really did not lie to him.。
But in the summer, I feel missing.。
And the attitude of the Ji Bao http://www.scpsc88.cn bottle,Some strange。
At that time, he just questioned a few words in the comment.,Ji Bao bottle can’t take him to prove that it is innocent.。
I feel too deliberate。
“senior,You don’t know who is that person??”Asked in summer。
“Young master,Calling my crime。”
The language of middle-aged women became gentle,“At that time, the person did even scam.,Even standing in front of me,Talk to me some past events,Her voice is exactly the same as the Ji Bao bottle,After the Ji Bao bottle appears to fight with her,Later I thought about it.,The other party knows me,I am afraid that I am trying.。”
Toned,She also,“I don’t know the identity of this person.。Young master,You meet her.?”
Summer nodded,“Not long ago I told about……”
He once again tells the matter。
Finally,“She is very strong,And from her words can http://www.htdxkeji.cn be speculated,She has reached the team of Union。”
Middle-aged woman is not surprised,“Our Huaxia Winhu Tiger Dragon,But it will not take a super master.,Maybe the other party is a long-lived person.。”
“I don’t think it’s not。”
Summer straightforward,“If it is a long life,No need to conceal,I just got to live in front of me.。”
The ear next to him can’t help the interpretation,“Isn’t she? Who is she?,At least,She seems to have no hostility on us.。”
Ji Bao bottle does not agree,“Have no hostility,Can not be determined,Know people know that,if not,Why is it in this year?。”
Several people pay much attention to the black woman。
Not asking them。
But a inexplicable super master suddenly comes out,Definitely affect the situation。
It’s just a few people.,Still can’t find clues。
Can only give up temporarily。
finally,Summer greets with three people,Walking towards the building,Prepare to visit leaves and gentle children。
“I will walk casually。”
The ear sustaining sin seems to have something to say to the Jihuai bottle,I also found an excuse to go.。
River side,There are only two people left。
Crime,“I just didn’t say a word.。”