“Clever,I also bought a book.。”

Candidates have touched the Fu Shangshu in his arms.,After comparing, I found out,Version actuallyTMDDifferent,Not from the same bookshop。
I really evil.,I can only say that it is the feet of the sky.,Two people are both officials,Leaves all eight all,One of the messages。
“hateful,Thus,Let’s have no advantage.!”
“If you can see the Fu everyone,Just ask a word.。”
“Don’t talk,You have a few money,Let the Fu everyone sells words to you?”
“Your business,How can I sell it?!”
Don’t blame the students to find ways,It is really a great job.,I know the importance of joining the main examiner。
This will try to host the ritual,Emperor Emperor Qi Sheng Tianril General Administration,Whether the candidates and the national sub-supervisor can be high school,Can you squeeze into 300 places?,Perform the last temple test,Want to watch his face。
Be talking about,I suddenly a burst of the hall,A book is full of mad run into the house,A slap in the table:“The gift is still a big man.,The sedan is parked at the door of our association。”
“No way,The ritual Shangshu came to our club.?”
“Which one is born out of date,Deliberately low-key,Stand out。If you have more sins before,Unspeakable,I hope to exhaust myself.,Lichunate Tonight,Please listen to the small song。”
No one answer,A group of people in the eyes,He said that the ancestral family is poor,Boots, no problem,And when chanting books,Selling Shangshi Fu to do a book, a shortcut is a shortcut。
After a while,Ding Road,Fu Tianril came in with two daughters.。
“studentXXXHave seen Fu everyone!”xN
A group of candidates try to report their names with their names,Why don’t you loud?,Therefore, Fu Tianril has not heard it.。
He frowned through the candidates,Nothing of temperament,Frown:“School,Which one is Cui Jin?”
Fujia sister shook his head slightly,They have seen my face,Very confident that Cui Jin。
Everyone is opposed to each other,One of them points to the lava:“Cui Xian brother is reading in the house,I shouted him out.。”
“Not necessarily,I have been looking for him in the past.。”
Fu Tianzer’s next clothes,Straight rushing hall inner house,Leave a group of sildury candidates,Heart thinking Cui Hong gradually,Actually, let the gifts are still willing to let their identity.。
Is it the emperor’s illegitimate child??
wrong,The ritual book is a teacher.,It is not necessary to see such a private child.,unless
understood,Cui Hua is a private child of a gift book.,Today, I’m looking for a relative.,By the way, the test questions are。
“You are Cui Jin?”
Fu Tianqiu looks at the Zui Jin,Slightly disappointment in the eyes,Not the person he wants to find。
Fujia sister is also full of disappointment,Unlike different people,Ate。
“Student Cui Hong,Meet Shang Shu adult。”
Cui Hong gradually put down the Fu Shangshu in his hand,I am in front of my eyes,Also read a fart,Just,Shangshu is so big,Nothing to come to him,It’s hard to be him or an emperor’s illegitimate child.?
Heart disappointment,Fu Tianril is not good to turn,I have a good time to study、Talent、I am optimistic about you.。
Fujia sister does not want to leave,Turning and wanting to leave,When passing by the door,It’s just a small frost that came in with tea.。
The latter is dressed in a book,Nai thin arm thin leg,Two or two of the chest are not tied,Let Fu Yuechi are quite frustrated,Horses:“This book,It seems that the poor is accompanied by a beautiful,Who is far more than that。”
A piece of embarrassment in the house,Fu Qingfeng got a selfish sister,Let her not say hello。
Character suffers,Especially in front of the main examination,Say everything else,Cui Hong gradually:“Miss misunderstood,Xiaofeng girl is 鬟鬟,But she is not my 鬟鬟,I took her to Beijing.,Is to help her find their own son。”
“Oh,Also in this kind of thing?”Fu Yuechi is interested,I want to listen to Cui Jin gradually say。
Half of it,Several people in the house,Noticeable。
“Liao Jie in your mouth,Is it a red sword with you?,There is also a mask on your face.?”