The best way to keep in good health is to have a comfortable relationship with a comfortable person.

The best way to keep in good health is to have a comfortable relationship with a comfortable person.

Author: Insight · girl holding a book between people, has always been easy to meet, get along.

In the book “Happy Marriage,” the famous American writer John Gottman mentioned such displacement data: if fitness enthusiasts spend 10% of their fitness time each week to exercise their fitnessMarriage, not their body, their health benefits will be three times that of running on a treadmill.

The probability of suffering from unfortunate marriages is about 35% higher and the average life expectancy is shortened by 4 years.

On the contrary, people who live in a happy marriage live longer and healthier than those who are divorced or in an unhappy marriage.

Putting this data together, revealing a truthful truth nakedly.

That is the best way to keep in good health. It is actually with a comfortable person and has a comfortable and intimate relationship.

Your health depends on your mood, and your mood is always good and you can always get along well with people around you.

01 is comfortable with each other because of the combination of three views.

The magnetic field between people penetrates the three views beyond the radiation.

The three people who are attracted to each other are attracted to each other and naturally gather together; and those who do not agree with each other say that the words seem to be over the mountains, tired and tired.

In “Love Defense Warfare”, there are couples who are incomprehensible because of the three views.

Boys feel that birthdays and festivals can be indifferent. They are just some days of all ordinary days. Girls think that day has a special meaning, that is, to prove each other in different ways with different ritual feelings; boys think girls likeFlowers and puppets are too naive and childish. Girls think that the things that boys like are also not tasted; boys think that going out to travel is to record life, while girls think that travel is to experience, and to feel the time of two people together.

For many of the same things in life, two people basically have completely different perceptions.

But in fact, there is no uniform standard for who is right or wrong.

The problem is that the two often dismissively disagree and repeat the other’s ideas and perceptions.

Seeing the two like this, Tu Lei said: “If the three people are not harmonious and difficult to reconcile, they will never be happy together.

Two people who don’t agree with each other will not be happy together, or even easy.

“It is true that if two people do not agree with each other, they will never be all the way. They can only get along with each other and get tired.”

As there is a saying, the lack of love caused by other factors such as poverty is the most deadly.

Love each other to see the five senses, get along with three views.

If you look at each other, you can get along well.

02 get along well because they know each other.

In the first issue of “The Wonderful Story,” Bo Bonni asked: “How much sweetness can you fill your heart?

“Ma Dong said: “There are a lot of bitter people in my heart, only need a trace of sweetness to fill up.

“The one in the relationship knows that it is just a sweet touch.”

Yang Lan and Qian Zhongshu are famous in the literary world. They know each other and love.

Once, Yang Lan wrote a letter to Qian Zhong, which had only one word: 怂恿.

I believe in such a letter, whoever receives it is uncomfortable.

But knowing Yang Lanru Qian Zhongshu, he quickly returned a letter to Yang Lan, and there is only one word in the letter: You.

After receiving the reply from Qian Zhongshu, Yang Lan immediately understood his mind and even moved his tears to the hearts of the two.

So, what is the meaning of this shortest love letter in history?

It turns out that the word “怂” written by Yang Lan means that there are several people in the heart of Qian Zhongshu?

The word “you” returned by Qian Zhongshu means that you only have one in your heart.

Sure enough, two people who know each other, even if there are few words, can understand each other’s minds; and those who don’t understand each other, even if they say a thousand words, they are also talking with the ducks, and they are more tired than moving bricks.

Some people have described this as a familiar understanding between people: you are free in the water, I am feeling awkward on the shore, even if I don’t see each other, I can understand each other’s true heart.

In feelings, encounters, acquaintances are never a problem. The question is whether they can know each other and know each other.

Understand, regardless of the weather, no matter how long or short, it is the best proof that two people love each other deeply, and it is also the greatest blessing that has been cultivated through the years.

The most comfortable way to get along with each other is to appreciate each other’s well and understand each other’s suffering.Gu Cheng once described such a beautiful picture in his poem: “The grass is planting its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand, do not speak, it is very beautiful.

“The two people who know each other are like this. Even if they just stand quietly, they don’t say a word, they are good enough and comfortable, enough comfortable and comfortable.”

03 get along well because the mood is the same.

What is the same emotion?

It is not that you will always be the same with sorrow and joy, but in a specific situation, you can improve your empathy.

When you are happy, he does not speak coldly against you; when you are sad, he does not grin and laugh at you.

There is a female woman on the Internet who has spit out her bad life. She said: “I had a fun dream at night. When I had lunch at noon the next day, I suddenly remembered it. So I explained it to my husband with great interest.I am very excited from beginning to end.

“I didn’t expect my husband to come to the cold after three words: no meaning.

In the daily life, when she is interested in some things, her husband is very interested in the scenery.

When she achieved some good results in her work and shared her happiness with her husband, her husband was a kind of indifferent look, or a bowl of cold water poured over, pouring her own heart.

After a long time, she feels that all happiness and pain are all alone, and the other party cannot feel and understand half.

Such a day makes her feel very tired and very sad.

There is a saying: Knowing that you are warm and cold, people who understand your sorrow and joy can better give you happiness.

Two people whose emotions can be consistent. When you are happy, he is happy for you. When you are sad, he is sorry for you.

Such two people together, even if there is no real feeling of empathy in this world, can be comforted through the heart, and feel comfortable in my heart.

And the two people who can’t agree with each other, you are sad to hang, but he is happy to think that you are swinging.

Such a relationship is a physiological drain for anyone.

04 and the comfortable people are the best health.

People are always easy to meet and get along with each other.

Comfortable, happy, refreshing, no need to continue tonic can be good health; not good, inner anxiety, life can not see hope, the day can not see the head, is a kind of destruction of the body.

Together with people who are comfortable with each other, there will be no contradictions between them because they don’t agree with each other. They won’t conflict because they don’t understand each other, and they won’t be cool because their emotions are always irrelevant.

“The way to take birth, taboo and anger.

“Working with people who are comfortable with each other, clean and comfortable, inner peace, is the best health; with uncomfortable people, chickens and dogs jumping, home annoying chaos, is tantamount to mutual poisoning, chronic suicide.

The best ending of a relationship is not that two people have gone through all the hardships.

Only when you get along well, it is the satisfaction of your feelings.