Yes,She suddenly wanted to get married!

The boss gave a wry smile,I’m at this age,I thought about getting married again,I don’t know my age anymore,I don’t know if anyone is willing to marry himself?
Thought of here,A figure suddenly appeared in the head of the boss,he,Will you still wait for yourself in place??
In the room。
Lin Yoona felt like Xiao Fan had returned,So not long after Xiao Fan sat beside him,I opened my eyes leisurely。
really,Lin Yuner opened her eyes,I saw Xiao Fan looking at him affectionately。
“Yoona,you’re awake?”Xiao Fan asked nervously。
“Ok,we,Where are we?”Lin Yuner asked weakly。
As soon as Lin Yuner woke up, she looked around her room,She found out that this is not a room in her hotel。
“This is the bride’s bridal shop。”Xiao Fan said。
Lin Yun’er frowned,Asked nervously:“Why are we in the boss’s bridal shop??Why not hotel,Is the hotel unable to go back??”
Xiao Fan frowned again when she saw Lin Yoona,Hurry up and reach out,Gently flatten Lin Yun’er’s frowning brow,Comforted:“Is not,Is not,Don’t be nervous。When i was just now,Went out to deal with some things,I’m not worried about leaving you alone in the hotel,and so,I put you here,Have her take care of you,I can rest assured!”
Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan’s words,Then he blinked clearly。
Subsequently,Drops of tears slipped out of Lin Yoona’s eye sockets without warning.。
Xiao Fan sees it,My heart hurts after another,Xiao Fan took a tissue,After drying Lin Yoona’s tears,,Asked nervously:“Yoona,Where are you uncomfortable?If you are uncomfortable,You tell me,Let me find a way!”
After Lin Yoona heard what Xiao Fan said,,First shook his head,Then he said to Xiao Fan in an extremely aggrieved tone:“Xiao Fan,do you know?I thought,I thought I would never see you in my life,You know when i was just now,How scared are you?”
“I know,I know,I know!Sorry,Sorry,It’s my fault,I came back late,Scared you。”Xiao Fan held Lin Yun’er’s hand tightly and said。
“Do not,Do not,Do not,it’s not your fault,Blame me,If i listened to you,If I go back to the hotel with you,Then I won’t meet Ma Binghao and Lan Yingying,Later, I will never meet the beast of Ouyang Jianfeng!”Lin Yuner cried and said to Xiao Fan。
“what did you say?This matter and Ma Binghao、Lan Yingying is related to these two people?”Although Xiao Fan said he saw Lin Yun’er cry,Somewhat emotional,but,But still caught the key words in Lin Yuner’s words。
“Yes,The two of them saw me alone,So come here to find me,But they said I’m fine,The two of them even said you in front of me,And you don’t know how bad the words of the two of them are,and so,So I couldn’t help but slap Lan Yingying!”When Lin Yuner’s words come later,,The sound has become very low。