I believe Chen Si will not refuse。”

I see!No wonder before Gao Baoyi said that Chen Chang goes to Yangzhou.“Cradle”,I have long thought of this.。Chen Hao is definitely sitting like a needle felt in Yangzhou.。Received Gao Baoyi,I am afraid that I am already happy.!
How to choose grunge and royal,Is this also used??Grain grass is Chen Guo,The throne is your own,Anyone has a book in your heart。
If Chen Hao does not open,I feel that Chenchang doesn’t matter if it doesn’t return China.?
Yang Su suddenly thought of this problem,But did not say exports。Gao Biyi saw his expression,I guessed what he was thinking.。
“People are full of danger from the mother.。Don’t come in your mother’s stomach,It’s easy to die when you are childhood.,Growing up and have a variety of war and military disasters,I encounter my own expensive,Let you kill you,Danger is not dangerous?
Since this,Then why still want to live??”
Gao Bao。
Yang Su has no words,This is the same as the eunuch.,Life is indeed full of accident and danger everywhere.。
“For Chen Wei,I still have some understanding.,I am afraid that there are seven eighth of grasp。If you don’t do this,That simply got a river,Anyway, living is also tired。”
Gao Biyi pointed to the rolling of the river。
“The main public said,Yang Su is taught。”Yang Su, respectful。
As for another two major gifts?,Yang Su did not ask,I want to be great.。
South Gate of Nancheng,There are more than a dozen people being bundled on the wooden shelf.,It attracts people who enter the city gate to warmly onlookers。
Yucheng people are like this,Flush,Lively,Compare new things,Golden,However, you can’t bear hardships.。Like watching this kind of thing,I have always been a reservoir show that they like.。
“Ordinary ban,Commercial road to Jinyang,No staff!Can,Objective of the court,Actually smuggling food to Jinyang!Crime!
Pengcheng Wang Gaozhi took a booklet,The panel is looking to the book:“tell them,What is the crime?!”
It is said that it is tied to those who are bundled.,It is better to say that it is said to the people of the onlookers.。
Young book does not say a touch of emotional color:“Return to Wang,Stealing food and grass to Jinyang,Stone or more,capital offense。Below,no matter how much,Thirty stick,Ten years of prison。”
I have a thirty stick and then take the ten years.,That is not dead?
Onlookers, you will take a breath.!This is too embarrassed.。
“All heard it.,You said that you are dead.!Come from,Execution!”
Gao Qi big hand,If the wolf is like a rope of these people,Twisted on the wooden pile on the ground,Directly beheaded,Fierce and cruel!
Along http://www.hongye663.cn with the voice of crying shout,There have been more than ten bodies on the ground.。Gao Wei doesn’t move the sound, frowning,Pans and send hands to drag the body away,Don’t hinder eye。
“All see it.,Smuggling materials to Jinyang,This is the next。Do you want to be mistaken?,How much can you earn?,Also have a life to spend!otherwise,Just following one of these people!
Be scattered!”
After the crowd scattered,Leave another topic。I believe that these topics can give the city people after the tea meal.。
Gao Wei is sighful,儆 especially,Today’s murder,Is for less dead people,Although he understands this truth,But truly do,It is still a bit uncomfortable.。
Gao Bo Yi is a block of Jinyang,Is it really serious?!
I can’t help but feel excited.,This year,For survival,The person in the trouser belt is all about,More http://www.xsd-space.cn than a dozen people killed,Isn’t it attracted by the high-priced food you came from Jinyang??
Unfortunately,Gao Biyi has long known that people will,So in some key pass,The hidden team is embedded, etc.!
They are not the people of the Han people in the north,Because the family has reached an agreement with Gao Boyi,This time I want to starve to death Jinyang Xianbei。Since it is called“Household”,That doesn’t kill you?
“Autumn harvest,Probably see。”
Gao Yu is not a known woman,He is still very understanding for the DPRK。As an older, big, high-ranking, old five,Be larger than high performance,He did not support the truth of Zhao Zhaojun,This is obvious!
His mother is Daljan,Obviously, it is not a mortuary in Xiangyang.,No background can be treated。As long as the brain is not broken,Gao Yi will not throw it http://www.coilnail.cn into Jinyang and Zhao Zhaojun to help people mix together。
not to mention,His lady lady,It is Fuyang Zheng’s born,It can be said that everyone is intended to persuade him to stay away from Jinyang.。
Gao Hao has never considered a mixed with high performance,He is worried about there is one problem.:What should I do if I don’t stay in the city??
this problem,I am afraid it is not his one person.,But the problem of many people in Yicheng。They are not necessarily a Gao Boyi opponent,Some are even sitting on a boat。
only,Willing to support Gao Boyi is a matter,I believe that the other party can play the Xianbei, Jinyang Six Town,It is exactly another thing.。