Yes,This huge golden planet was once the God Realm,It was actually destroyed?Why is it destroyed?Li Tianzhen’s mind is blank,Speed up to catch up with that Venus。

Unfortunately,The speed of the planet is too fast,He tried his best but he could only watch it go away,In the end it becomes a light spot like other stars。
Li Tianzhen suddenly understood how the Huoyan Temple in his head came from,I also understand what happened to the magnificent ancient temple complex on the sky,Lost home,But ran into his head to avoid disaster,What kind of absurd thing is this,why?
Li Tianzhen, who was floating in the air, lost all his energy,The whole figure seems to be emptied of the body of the soul in an instant,sluggish、Godless,Wander freely with the wind of the void、Aimlessly,I don’t know how long it has been floating,His body was taken apart、Crush,Then re-aggregate,over and over again。
that’s it,Li Tianzhen is so numb that he can’t feel the pain of being cut apart,It’s also difficult to perceive the body after reuniting,That kind of reborn pleasure,Until I came to the invisible curtain again,A violent temporal turbulence hits from behind,Shattered his body again,His erratic consciousness easily passed through the curtain,And witnessed it shattered into body particles the size of fireflies,Like wild bees gathered together,Swarmed across the curtain。
Can’t care about such a magical scene,After the body reunited, Li Tianzhi felt a lot different from before,Haunted brain is also active again,I was shocked to find that my god hiding space has expanded to an incredible extent,The sea of vitality turned into a small poor lake,The colorful light field seems to be farther away,Already close to the bottom of the sky,This series of changes seems to enlarge the original space disproportionately,It’s hard to say what this means。
right now,Li Tianzhen’s gaze was attracted by the vast black hole in front of him,It’s like an extremely large black tornado,Big shocking,The center is as dark as ink,Still spitting out landing blocks、Impurities and stars,The black matter around is tumbling,Like a whirlpool,Slowly rotate counterclockwise,As if it could stir the entire universe on one side of the curtain。
On the other side of the black hole, you should be able to see the truth of the captured world,After Li Tianzhen suddenly had this idea,I couldn’t bear to move around,He doesn’t know if there will be a mortal world in these dead worlds in the future,I don’t know how to stop such a tragedy.,But he wants to see the truth。
Li Tianzhen approached the periphery of the huge whirlpool cautiously,Constantly use spiritual consciousness to perceive the pressure of the surrounding space、temperature,And the void storm that may appear at any time,The black matter rotates counterclockwise to exhale matter,Then from the front of the other end, it rotates clockwise,Should produce extremely strong adsorption,This is just his imaginary
His body is already very close to the black matter,On the periphery of the giant whirlpool,This substance is still very thin,Like a mist,But it has made him feel unprecedented pressure,The slowly moving look gave him a strong sense of fear,It contains an indescribable breath of death。
Maybe this way of observation is too hasty,The mass of unknown black matter is like the star beast that swallows everything in the legend,Too close,Still too dangerous。
Li Tianzhi just had this idea in his mind,The body is like being stuck,There is an invisible pressure all over,Forcing him to move slowly with the thin black matter,This surprise is not trivial,He immediately tried to break free,But the limbs and torso can’t move at all,Fixed by that strange pressure,No matter how hard you try, it’s no use。
The speed of movement is slowly increasing,Li Tianzhen’s body has been glued to the black substance,His body shook,Immediately there are countless black particles pouring in from all directions,Invaded his limbs one by one、Body,All the way to the sacred space,These tiny particles that are hard to distinguish with the naked eye are very sticky,Very aggressive,Where,Li Tianzhen’s body tissues were quickly assimilated,Even the sea of vitality has become a black liquid like ink。
Suddenly dark clouds over the sky,Thunder and lightning,The door of the ancient temple opened impressively,Suddenly golden light,Countless gods and men flew out of it,The colorful trajectories are like rainbows all over the sky,These trajectories quickly formed a very large formation,There is an ancient god sitting on each node,At last,There is a thick beam of colorful light rising into the sky,That is a huge god,He stood in the center of the huge formation,It seems to be the eye and central command of this formation。
Li Tianzhen saw through his spiritual sense,This large array is in the shape of a six-pointed star,Similar to the formation created by the gods of the Huoyan Temple,But the scale is much larger,Rigorous formation structure,Brilliant atmosphere,Before the formation is working, it bursts out a very strong Qi of Heaven。
Six-pointed star array is nested,Li Tianzhi glanced roughly,At least forty-eight floors,There are a total of 289 nodes from the inside to the outside,The ancient gods came out,‘Big white hand’Wait for several gods who have dealt with are also in the big formation,They must have felt a serious existential threat,Will have such a fierce reaction。