Zhao Hong saw that he was almost ready,And said to Mo Yan:“Here it is,Go and close your own office,starting from tomorrow,Everyone is working in the new office building。

Mo Yan responded,Closed the door and left。
“Sit down!Experience the feeling of this new office“Zhao Hong smiled and sat down at her desk。Xia Jian took a seat here,Just two people face to face,Look at each other,Smiled knowingly。
at this time,Someone knocks on the door,Xia Jian shouted loudly:“Please come in“
Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu came in,Their faces,The same smile,Xia Jian greeted the two and sat down on the sofa next to him。
“President Xia!You see our new office building is also ready,Which fifty acres of greenhouses in Zhangwang Village are still needed,Can be put into production next month。Throughout Binh Duong Town,No village can compare to our Xiping Village,Just talk about this office building,And elementary school,They can’t compare”Chen Erniu gets more energetic as he speaks。
Zhao Hong glanced at him,Said with a smile:“Just say what you want,Abducted,I can’t understand what you are saying?”
“Ha ha!I mean to celebrate!”Chen Erniu said with a smile。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head and asked:“How do you want to celebrate?”
“Let’s play a big one in Xiping Village,Let other villages follow,Let’s invite the West Third Group to come to our village to sing a big show,Let the people from all over the world come to see”Chen Erniu said,Stood up excitedly,Start dancing。
Zhao Hong took a deep breath and cursed:“You are so careless,Can we do such a thing?Don’t say anything else,This West Third Troupe is a famous Qin Opera Troupe,Whether they will come or not are two different things,Even if it’s invited,Can we cover the cost??”
“Will definitely come,As long as there is money,Why won’t they come,That’s the cost may be a bit high,Not just to be happy,Let our village get old,Let’s see what the West Third Regiment looks like?Or I just know how to practice it”Chen Erniu was still a bit unwilling to say。
When Chen Erniu first started,Xia Jian a hundred disagree,But when he said it was for the elderly in the village,I started some activities in my heart。
Xia Sanhu, who has never liked talking,At this moment, he also smiled slightly:“There are so many elderly people in our village,I haven’t even been to Pingcheng in my life,I only listen to others saying how the Xisan Group’s drama is so good,But where do they know。Actually what Erniu said,Is also the meaning of these people in the village,It’s just that everyone doesn’t know how much it will cost.”
“Ok!All right,I understand what you mean,This matter can be discussed“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Zhao Hongyi listen,Immediately unhappy,She said coldly:“They fool around,You followed nonsense,Spend such a large sum of money,You are not afraid that someone will sue again?“
“Nothing,Sue if you like!you tell me first,Does Murakami have money now??and also,Which loans,When can i pay it back?“Xia Jian looked disapproving。
Zhao Hong didn’t speak anymore,But to find the ledger from the data cabinet,I probably turned over and said:“Originally at the end of this year,All loans are based on current development status,It can be paid back completely,But not the village primary school,And this village committee,Later, another 50 acres of greenhouses were built,So this year is definitely not up“
“Oh!Has the vegetable supermarket at the township level started to deliver it??“Xia Jian changed the topic,Asked about this again。
Zhao Hong shook his head and said:“not yet,Because there are still several supermarkets in the town currently under renovation,Moreover,We don’t have such a large output,Have to wait till next month,After which 50 acres of greenhouses are put into production,We can deliver“