then,Song Kaiyuan also discussed some other problems with Li Hui Feng.。

If it is not a big business,He said that he is willing to learn from Li Hui Feng for a while.。
I know that Li Hui has a few days.,His strength already has a sharp progress,If you practice more with each other,He even felt that it would impact it innate.。
Li Hui Feng did not know so much from Song Kaiyuan.。
If you know,He also feels that the other party wants to impact it innate.。
After all, this realm is,It should also be related to cultural practice.。
With the departure of Song Kaiyuan,Li Hui also strolled with Han Shanshan in the big bend market.。
Two people go to the park,Go online,Going to the bar, it is originally to handle business.,Buy growth line,But the two have become the same as those who visit the mountains.。
Don’t don’t want it happily。
And at the same time,Dai Changsheng is a busy focus。
“Wear factory manager,If this is the headquarters known,Let’s both have to go in.。”
Looking at Qiu Dawei’s face scared,Dai Changsheng also can’t help but think of Li Hui Feng said.。
Anyway, he is not doing this.,I am afraid I can’t escape the punishment of the law.,And now I don’t know how to send Li Hui with the wind.,Then, the road behind him will be very long.,very long。
“Qiu Director,You are also the director of the Technical Department,At that production line, you should know,Why do we eliminate?
Isn’t it because I can’t repair it again??
Otherwise, why don’t we continue to use??”
“And this time is directly close to the scrapped,Staying in our hands is also a waste,We sell it in waste prices above the market.,Why don’t you?!”
Qiu Dawei naturally knows that Dai Changsheng means this.。
“Wear factory manager,You don’t have to say this.,I understand,But the technical department,So many people in the factory,What happens to know more?,We have done it.,If you leave the handle”“Hey-hey,Qiu Director,I can solve this.,What you have to do now is to give me a waste.,Don’t think that your technical department is clean,Many things, I am all eyes,Close an eye。”
Dai Changsheng saw Qiu Dawei still hesitating,Directly。
really,Qiu Dawei heard this,Face a pale。
“Row,I will do it.,But you also know the situation of our technical department。”
“Um,knowledge,This thing you have repaired.,After more than one thousand pieces,got it?”
I heard Dai Changsheng“Repair”The sound of the two words is extraordinarily,How can he not understand?。
When I got it, I nodded.:“understood,Then I will go here.。”
Looking at Qiu Dawei,Dai Changsheng also felt a breath。
Just, I haven’t waited for him.,The small secretary lied his face and walked in a shrew.。
“Hoot”Seeing Anxin Moon crying,Dai Changsheng’s heart is a feeling。
But after watching the woman around the Moon,,Originally, his face has become a surprised,Then it is nervous,Be careful。
“Wife,What’s wrong with you?
How to shoot a small secretary so embarrassment??”
The voice has not yet lost,His face is also directly tied to a slap。
“Pooh,Do you think you are not exposed to her??”
“Who don’t know what you have broken??
As if the old lady I finally know。”
“Dai Changsheng,If you don’t want to be with the old lady,You said straight,Dare to bring me a green hat,You are three legs don’t want it.?”
Finish,The other party waves directly,Two strong men behind, add directly to Dai Changsheng。
Compared with small secretary,Dai Changsheng is directly hungry。