The torturer took out a vial and handed it to the woman,Said:“This is your salary for half a year,Ten Middle Grade Qi Gathering Pills。

let me tell you,The people who were with you,After a year, the salary is not as high as half a year。
Ten years down,If not undercover,Have enough Qi Gathering Pill,You can reach the fifth-grade cultivation base?”
The woman pulled off the bottle cap and smelled it,Now the anger is a little relieved,Take out a picture album from the sleeve,Open it,Above is a portrait of a thin middle-aged man。
“This is the fourth master of Qingfeng Village,Called Huang Zhiming。He used to manage the internal affairs of Zhaizhong,So the reputation is not obvious in the arena。Since Xu Wei was abandoned,Shui Qingfeng handed over the city defense task on the mountain to him.。
Huang Zhiming has a hobby——Gambling。
I go down the mountain several times a month and go to the silver hook gambling shop in the town to gamble,I went down the mountain with him this time,Tonight he will go to the Silver Hook Gambling Shop,Can you deploy more copycats?,Rely on yourself!”
The torturer glanced at the person on the portrait,Asked Chen Xiu again:“Remember not?”
“it is good。”
The torturer carried infurience,The portrait burned all at once,It turned into ashes in a while,Patted the woman on the shoulder and said:“Well done,This mission is over,I will transfer you back to six doors immediately,Mine head。”
“Stop it。”
The woman didn’t believe her torture head:“Didn’t you say that this time,That time is not the last time。”
Embarrassment,It seems like that,There is no way to refute,Suddenly came a while outside the window“Creak”Door opening sound,Chen Xiu looked out of the probe window,I saw two women walking outside the gate,Dressed up as a Tsing Yi maid,The other is a red dress and what surprised Chen Xiu is,This woman actually looks exactly like the undercover woman。
A rough male voice came from the undercover woman,This sound is Leide Chen Xiu Wai Jiao Lin Nen,Almost no old sputum came out。
“Ruyan came back early,You guys go quickly,I want to remove makeup。”
The undercover woman said while wiping off her makeup,Showing a rough face,Take off the women’s clothing,More of a man’s figure。