“A hundred years ago I found the magic weapon to deal with the second generation,I’ll use it for Chen Xiu,We are not without chance!”

Zhu Huiwei said in shock:“You mean that magic weapon!”
“It’s just that the thing is too restraining our zombie spirit,I have never dared to stay by my side。I have always been supervised by the three mortals on Australia Island。”
“We will return to Australia tomorrow night,I took that thing,Let’s go to Centipede Ridge together!”
“You leave such an important thing to mortals to take care of!”
Zhu Huiwei said in surprise:“You are not afraid that they will lose things!”
Zhang Haibao said with a smile:“Do not worry,Although that thing is important to us,No use for mortals at all。And I was desperate to protect the thing for the three of them。
Has given them great wealth for decades,Thirty years ago I promised to give them a chance to live forever,Lured by interest,The three of them will take good care of me!”
Next night,Chen Xiu originally practiced crane control skills in the garden,Suddenly there was a roar above my head,A military transport helicopter landed directly。
When he was surprised,Zhu Huiwei didn’t know when he arrived。
“Let’s go。”
“Hui’ao Island。”