“Thousands of years。”Zhong Sanpu shook his head。

“Maybe it’s still there。”
“Is meaningless。”
“Since it’s your ancestor’s natal sword,Should try to sense it with your mind。”
“That is natural,Tried countless times,Add trouble。”Zhong Sanpu’s eyes suddenly brightened,Dimmed quickly again。
“How does the old man understand the formation??”
“The formation is too complicated,I don’t know what the kid is referring to?”
“Such as being trapped。”Li Tianzhen recounted the Skynet formation composed of war puppets,Naturally, he will not conceal the blood gods and demons trapped in it,of course,According to the judgment of the black unicorn,This demon has quietly escaped,Long ago not in the ruins of the underground palace。
Zhong Sanpu immediately decided to take a look at the scene,Li Tianzhu gladly leads the way。
It’s afternoon,The ruins of the underground palace sparkle with gold,Many war puppets stand along the mountain,Rigorous,Ordinary people cannot see the puppet,I just feel that there is light everywhere,However, Zhong Sanpu, as a rare great practitioner in all life, still accurately captured the position and shape of each puppet.,Even the armors and weapons they hold,Can’t help but be amazed。
Li Tianzheng gave an order in his divine consciousness,Zhong Sanpu can walk and observe in the ruins of the underground palace at will,Then stand quietly on a high place,Don’t bother each other。
Zhong Sanpu is like everyone in the formation,Daomen’s formation is particularly broad and profound,Ordinary formations can’t help him,Skynet formation is tight,Great lethality,But not particularly complicated,Zhong Sanpu quickly found the eye of the formation、Life and death、Tian Gang Di Sha Position,Think a little,Immediately understood the movement and aggregation channels of Yuanli when the formation was activated。
But seeing Zhong Miura climbed up and down in the ruins of the underground palace,Walk along the outer edge of the ruins for a while,After a while, I got into the tunnel deep dug by coolie,It took a long time to crawl out,Finally stayed on the central side of the big formation and stood silently,Li Tianzhen was very nervous throughout the whole process,The sacrificial blade hovering in the hand,Whenever you encounter danger, it will preemptively。
Until Zhong Mipo stands still,Li Tianzhen’s eyes stayed beside him,A section of a huge rock,I can vaguely see the grand shape not long ago,Metallic luster in the setting sun,That is the eight-sided purple gold mace that broke into countless knots after the underground palace was completely destroyed,Without the Shaking Rune,Lost the support of the suppression formation,The mana of the purple gold mace quickly fades away,After standing for more than two hundred years, it is difficult to withstand the bombardment of Panmang’s great magic power,Collapsed。
“Come see,This thing is huge,Surprised the old man,Could it be that he was once a great soldier?”Zhong Sanpu waved towards Li Tianzhen。
“Not bad,Used to suppress the demon under the underground palace,Known as the Octagonal Purple Gold Mace。”Li Tianzhi didn’t elaborate,It’s a shame to secretly say this golden mace,Guangcheng Hall Cui Baigong’s famous weapon,I don’t know the other party。
“Great soldier!”Zhong Sanpu sighed,Again,“This mace is inserted obliquely between the eye and the gate,Although able to sense and rely on each other,But there are also great things,When the magic weapon disintegrates,Both effects are gone,But the mace is still there,The formation has a big loophole。”
“You mean that the blood demon head will hide in the mace,And then slip away?”
“Not bad。”
Li Tianzhi suddenly realized,Confronting Panmang,He released a puppet formation in a hurry,Is based on the Zijin mace,At the same time, I also want to take advantage of the remaining power of the umbrella formation,Only consider fast blocking,I didn’t expect the Zijin mace to collapse completely,He also took measures to repair the leakage afterwards,It might be too late。