However, I only heard the method of improving the golden core,Fuxi’s eyes are bright。

Chapter Thirty Four Win over
Fuxi,He is one of the three leaders of the human race,Hearing this news made him extremely excited。
Xiaoyao Daozu is a bit at a loss,However, Fuxi quickly told Xiaoyao Daozu。
Now Xiaoyao Daozu is also very excited。
Second-class golden pill conceived method,Means the future human race or Taoism,A batch of celestial beings will be born、True fairy、Ancestor。
The method to improve the grade of Jindan,It can make some of the top powers in the Three Realms better。
Xiaoyao Daozu’s realm is very close to the leader,Once Jindan is promoted to second class,Mana level to which level,You can become a leader directly(Comparable to the ancestors)Up。
Fuxi,Although it is a leader,But it’s not really good at fighting,But once the mana is increased,,The same deterrence。
Which is not very helpful to those ancestors。
“candle–Ming Daoyou!”Fuxi speaks suddenly,“Since you have also been reincarnated as a human race for me,Why not join my human race now,Waiting for you to realize the way of heaven,Can also become a human emperor。”
“Cough,Fellow Taoist Candle Dragon is one of the founders of my Taoist School,Naturally join the Daomen!”Xiaoyao Daozu glanced at Fuxi dissatisfied。
no way,Don’t talk about the opponent’s strength,This method alone is enough to give a qualitative increase in the strength of the Taoist or Human Race。
“Don’t rush me!”Li Ming smiled lightly,“Listen to me first,This is the strange thing that Jin Dan needs to upgrade。”