The quiet little boy slowly raised his head,At the same time, the teacher from Warm Heart explained from the side:“His name is Zi Qian,He didn’t know anything when he first came to us,I know my name is Zi Qian。”

I saw Qi Tianqi hugged the little boy with trembling hands.:“child,I found you,Do you remember dad?”
These words surprised everyone,Madam Qi is the most surprised。It turns out that the previous Mrs. Qi had a child,I don’t know what’s wrong,This child is lost,For this reason, Qi Tianqi has been searching hard for a long time and has not found it.。
I didn’t expect to find it in Nuan Xin Jia Yuan today。
“Mr. Qi?What do you mean?”Xiao Fan asked inexplicably。
Chapter Three Hundred and Six Frightened child
I heard Xiao Fan’s question,Qi Tianqi said to Xiao Fan very excitedly:“Tell Mr. Xiao,My child was lost five years ago,We searched for a long time,But didn’t find it,I divorced my ex-wife because of this,but,I didn’t expect that I would be in this place,Met my child。”
Qi Tianqi’s face is full of excitement,He never thought about his lifetime,I can even find my child。
You know when the child just lost,I found a lot of places,Used a lot of relationships,But this child seems to have evaporated from the world,I can’t find it anyway。
but,What Qi Tianqi didn’t expect was,For the sake of the Shen family,Just barely come to attend such a charity party,I was able to meet my lost child for many years here。
What Qi Tianqi didn’t even think of was,His lost child for many years,I have always been so close to me,But I never found him。
If I came into contact with the warm home one day earlier,Participate in public welfare a day earlier,Did he find out his lost child for many years?。
Qi Tianqi really hates that,He hates himself why when he lost his child,I didn’t put my love for my child on other same poor children immediately,If that’s the case,Have you already found your own child?。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner looked at a man as big as Qi Tianqi,Especially the head of the Qi Group,When I saw Zi Qian,Can cry like a child,The two of them didn’t know this time,What should I say to Qi Tianqi?。
It seems that both people feel that what they say at this time is superfluous,After all, they lost their children for so many years,Found it suddenly,but,Excitement should and should be,It’s reasonable too。
Qi Tianqi is here with excitement and tears,Madam Qi on the other side doesn’t know what to do。
Because just now,She still cares about that kid,I thought the other party was just an ordinary orphan,Just like her eyes are above the top,I want to clean up his orphan。
but,What Mrs. Qi never expected was,This child turned out to be his husband’s child,I really stabbed a hornet’s nest now。
How important is this child to Qi Tianqi?,Madam Qi knows that better than anyone else,But when I was just now,But scolded that kid,It’s really terrible!