“Hey,my girlfriend,Why call me free,Do you miss your boyfriend??”Qin Feng answered the phone,Said jokingly。

“Come out to drink with me。”Fu Xiaoyi is on the phone,Said lightly。
“where are you?”Qin Feng heard Fu Xiaoyi’s tone not quite right,He should have already drunk a lot。
Fu Xiaoyi finished,Qin Feng drove there immediately,The bar where Fu Xiaoyi is located。
Indulge in Utopia,Look at the name,Qin Feng shook his head,Walked in。
Don’t know if you don’t go in,When Fu Xiaoyi called,Qin Feng thought he had heard it wrong,The bar during the day,Will they be open??
But I only found out when I came in,Not only in business,And also very hot

On the dance floor, men and women are dancing with passion.,There are many single men and women,Looking for your own“prey”。
Although there are many people,But as long as Qin Feng wants to find,No matter how many people,Not hard to find,Next second,Qin Feng is in a corner of the bar,I saw Fu Xiaoyi’s figure。
“beauty,Is anyone here?”Qin Feng pretended to be a stranger and asked。
“roll。”Fu Xiaoyi didn’t recognize Qin Feng’s voice,So he cursed。
“Yo,The little girl has a good temper!”Qin Feng still teased。