Notes on practicing hot yoga and nutrition

Notes on practicing hot yoga and nutrition

Attention to hot yoga practice and nutrition. How can people in the new era not know yoga, but do you know some of the things to pay attention to when practicing hot yoga?

  Those who practice hot yoga need to pay attention to the following: First, the practitioners must strengthen the moisturizing care of the throat to avoid damage to the respiratory system. Second, the high temperature environment makes people’s metabolism very strong. This is a kind of consumption in itself. It is recommended to do less strength.Three types of yoga movements: Complicated severe colds, fever, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, epilepsy, hypertension, high blood pressure. It is not suitable to practice hot yoga. 4. Those who have recently recovered from a serious illness or have undergone surgery should not practice hot yoga.Do not do strenuous movements and upside down postures in six periods. Serious smokers and excessive alcohol drinkers should not practice hot yoga. Before taking hot yoga, you can take vitamin B to prevent dehydration. After class, absorb vitamin C and E. Antioxidant. Take cold medicine orPeople who lose weight should not practice Hot Yoga Nine. If the body trembles or becomes tight during the exercise, or the movements that can be achieved cannot be achieved, it means that the muscles have begun to fatigue, and they should rest in time. During the exercise, be sureObey the coach.

  Nutrition recommendation: From a nutritional point of view, eating after 1 hour of yoga practice, sufficient intake of sodium-rich alkaline foods to eliminate the accumulation of acidic substances in the body and achieve rapid elimination of fatigue.

Special recommended yoga beauty Western-style set (total calories: 943kcal): drinks: light salted skimmed milk staple food: salty square pack 2 supplements to restore physical strength Main course: Indian style Western chop soup: Dragon King soup salad: fruit salad

  In addition to supplementing trace amounts, protein and calcium, it can also neutralize acidic metabolites in the body after exercise, helping to eliminate excess fat in the body.

  I hope that Tianyue Yoga’s suggestions will help you to understand hot yoga more accurately and change and accept this new thing.