Beijing direct Changbai Mountain, ice and snow tourism high-speed rail!

  On October 16, the reporter got a "Changbai Mountain Station Passenger Train Timetable" from the railway department, which shows that Beijing to Changbai Mountain has opened direct high-speed rail trains. Among them, Changbai Mountain – Beijing Chaoyang, G3645 / 8 times, starting time is 08:43, arrival time is 16:11, running time 7 hours 28 points; Beijing Chaoyang – Changbai Mountain, 3647/6 times, starting time is 12:45 The arrival time is 20:08, and the run time is 7 hours and 23 points. It is understood that the line is currently in the commissioning stage, waiting for Shen Jiagao’s white sections to open the line, online is expected to be in November. The driving of this passenger train provides convenience for more Beijing passengers to visit the snow in Changbai Mountain.

△ Changbai Mountain Tianchi Beauty △ National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base – Changbai Mountain Old Heihe Ruins is currently in Shen Jiagao’s white section in Shen Jiagao in the joint test stage, 14 pairs of motor vehicle groups in the early stage of operation, including: Beijing to Changbai Mountain Daily line in Dalian to Changbai Mountain, the weekend line of Shenyang North to Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain to Changchun, etc., Changchun to Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain to Qi Qiharnam and other directions.

At that time, the fastest travel time in Shenyang to Changbai Mountain will be shortened by the original 18 hours and 7 minutes, 56 minutes, 4 hours and 17 minutes.