It was the morning of the fourth day when the teenager woke up,Looking at the sun outside,Jumped up from the bed in surprise,The first reaction is that I don’t know how long I slept,Secondly, I remembered the explanation from Master Huo Tianzun,Go to the Holy Fire Palace to find him,Could this be a delay in this matter??

There are stacks of neat brand new clothes beside the bed,Juvenile careless,Dressed in a hurry and rushed out of the room,Seeing an old man in the courtyard was carrying water and watering flowers,It’s the person I called to help him arrange a residence,Then asked,“Old man,How long have i slept。”
“Three days。”
“Three days?”The teenager pats the forehead,Turn around and rush towards the courtyard door,But after two or three steps, I had to stop and ask,“Dare to ask how to get to the Holy Fire Temple?”
This Five Elements Island is huge,Crater mountains to the northeast,Mountain peaks,There are many buildings on the halfway of these peaks,Find one by one,That will take a lot of effort。
The old man seems very confused,Overlooking the crater,Reach out,“Should be in this mountain。”
should?Boy rolls his eyes,It seems that this old man is also confused,It’s better not to ask,Time is running out,The teenager rushed to the discharge gate,And then jumped into the air with one step,This is the only body method he will use when he comes to the free world,I realized it under the pressure of the master。
The crater seems to be right in front of you,In fact, there is still a distance,Juvenile using imperial wind,Although still very clumsy,But the speed is not slow,Soon I found two peaks,But did not find the Holy Fire Temple,No one seems to exist in the two buildings。
Beautiful scenery along the way,But no clouds appeared,It’s hard to see people,The huge island is quiet,Young people can’t find anyone to ask,Can’t help but get anxious。
To the third mountain,The buildings here are much more magnificent than the previous two,And brought hope to the teenager,See from a distance‘Palace of Golden Wind’Three large gilded plaques,He seemed to pass by here when he left the hall with Wu Ju,The words on the plaque at that time were like tadpoles,Young people don’t recognize,I still don’t recognize it now,But familiar,Is the common square font in mainland China。
Don’t understand why,But presumably the Holy Fire Hall is so close to the main peak,Once the scope is reduced,At ease,The boy simply broke into the building in front of him,I don’t believe I can’t find a big living person。
‘Palace of Golden Wind’Someone is there,more than one,The fat blond man who met three days ago is in the courtyard outside the temple,Juvenile joy,Waved at it in mid-air,“I’m lost,Dare to ask fat brother,How to get to the Holy Fire Temple?”
“Holy Fire Temple?”The fat man looked confused,“The Holy Fire Temple has long been destroyed。”
“what?!”Teenager shocked,Thought I heard it wrong,Hurriedly jumped down from midair,“Fat brother,I’m talking about the Holy Fire Temple。”
“Yes,Holy Fire Temple has been destroyed。”