“Self-defense?Self-defense will seriously hurt people?”Officer Shen snorted,“You guy is very dishonest,I want to fool around with me on the construction site。What the hell is in your heart?what?Speak,What’s your motivation for making trouble?”

“Police officer,Am I assisting in the investigation or being questioned?”Li Tianchou also sneered。
“presumptuous!”Smiling tiger slapped the table,“it’s here,To assist in the investigation is to be interrogated,You’d better keep your attitude,Don’t play with me,Otherwise, don’t blame me for not reminding you。”
What do you mean?Is it possible that you still want to torture a confession?Li Tianchou is angry,But know that you must not be impulsive at this moment,He tried to calm his mind,After a moment he laughed,“Good police officer,I have a correct attitude。”
The smiling tiger’s face eased,Tapped the corner of the table with my finger,“Then tell your question honestly。”
“What happened is like this,At dinner,My colleague and I ran into two workers who were beaten by a gang of hooligans at the gate of the construction site,They are holding machetes and other weapons,My colleague is unarmed,Face covered with blood,Serious injury,Reminiscent of some time ago,Workers get beaten almost every week,We have all reported the case,But no results,So this time we are forced to defend ourselves……”Li Tianchou takes the trouble,Luo Li started to talk about what happened。
Police Officer Shen’s face becomes uglier the more he listens,I can’t help it in the end,He slapped the table again,“Are you correct attitude?Why did you bump into the gangster?Are you deliberately looking for something?I keep saying that I am defenseless,Why did witnesses see you carrying shovels、Pickaxe?Plan tomorrow morning,But full of lies and sophistry,Crime plus。Advise you,Lad,Stop playing。”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Face kung fu
Li Tianchou suddenly understood that Officer Shen was not biased because of preconceptions.,Is actually intentional,As for the reason,still not clear。
He deliberately wanted to tease this smiling tiger,Although it is likely to suffer from immediate losses,But Li Tianchou doesn’t want to compromise,“shovel、Pickaxe is our tool for work,Take self-defense when beaten,What’s the problem?Didn’t the person who reported the crime tell you that the gangsters have machete in their hands、Murder weapon?”
Fatty Shen’s face is suddenly uglier than a hanged ghost,He stood up quickly,Pointing at Li Tianchou,“I’m asking your question,Why are you talking to me?You kid avoid the weight,Fabricate facts,I don’t think you can see the coffin or cry。”After he finished speaking, he winked at the young police officer beside him。
The police officer knows,One notebook,Take a peek at Li Tianchou,That means you ask for more blessings,Then quickly got up and went out。
Blink of an eye,The door opened again,Two round-waisted zone defense players came in,Looking at Fatty Shen without saying a word,Obviously waiting for instructions。
“Close the door。”Fatty Shen gave an order,Started to unbutton the shirt。Li Tianchou immediately realized what they were going to do next,Tengran on fire,But the ambivalence made him pressure and pressure the fire,Shook his head vigorously,Calm down and calm down。
Li Tianchou wonders if other workers have also suffered the same treatment,But he swears he will make this Fat Shen regret running out of his mother’s stomach。