Many of them even regretted borrowing less pesos,If I could borrow more pesos before smashing it out,They can earn more after the peso exchange rate plummets!

Many of them started to take out“Big Brother”,Do everything possible to see if I can borrow more pesos,Before the peso exchange rate completely collapsed。
Just as everyone celebrates victory,Qiao Tianyu and Sato Junji received a message at the same time on their phones。
Qiao Tianyu’s message is extremely simple,Only one word,“do
At the same time they were fighting a currency war,Qiao Tianyu makes David,Has successfully rescued Lily。
Qiao Tianyu’s expression eased after watching,The heart that has been hanging is finally let go,He can finally finish this financial battle without distraction!
In contrast, Junji Sato,After reading the information,But his face was pulled down,Obviously he knew the same result。
He gave Qiao Tianyu a vicious look,But at this time Qiao Tianyu has closed his eyes,Brewing for the final blow!
“what happened?!”
Takuya Yuichiro stared at the computer screen,Suddenly yelled。
Everyone quickly look at the screen,The shadow of Huaxia Bank suddenly appeared in the foreign exchange market。
I saw Huaxia Bank suddenly replaced the role of Bank of Mexico,Started to eat pesos in the foreign exchange market。
HSBC Bank,China Franchised Foreign Exchange Bank,Representing the Central Bank of China in foreign exchange transactions in the international foreign exchange market。
The sudden intervention of Huaxia Bank,Like a sap,Hit everyone a little confused,Don’t know what happened。
And the market reacted in the same way,Single pesos in the foreign exchange market stalled.
First0058chapter Jedi strikes back
“Is China!”
Sato Junji responded extremely fast,Soon know what happened。