Take the cup with your desire

Take the cup with your desire

If you attend a banquet, when the waiter brings you juice and the cups on the tray have different amounts of juice, which one will you choose?

  1. Empty cup, ready to pour.

2, 1/2 cup.

3. Seven full.

4, full.

  Test result: Choice 1: You are a person with a strong desire for money, but you often figure out how much money you have, so you are a poor person who is very profitable.

  Choice 2: You are a very cautious person, so you are also cautious about handling money, so you are a person who does not have a strong desire for money.

  Choice 3: You are a person who can stay awake in everything. You have a strong self-control ability and do not easily conduct dangerous money transactions. Therefore, you are a strong desire for money and a good control.

  Choice 4: You are a very greedy person, and you want to have a panoramic view of everything. You are extremely greedy with money, and have strong desire.