“General Gu!Maybe you misunderstood,What am i,I can still distinguish clearly,As for participating in your housework,Really didn’t say that“Xia Jian said frankly。As the saying goes,Don’t do bad things,Beat the door in the middle of the night,Maybe this is the reason。

Gu Changlong snorted coldly:“You did not participate?Why did you come,Lianchuang began to develop such a large project as Donghu Park,and also,Gu Yue wants to separate from me,Doesn’t this make people laugh out loud“
“dad!I said it before,This matter has nothing to do with Mr. Xia,If you have to pull on this,I don’t want the leading company,Send someone to take over“Gu Yue stood up fiercely,Doesn’t give Gu Changlong any face。
Gu Changlong lowered his voice and asked:“Yue Yue!Are you threatening me?Don’t forget,Where your mother and child live,Gu Changlong’s all the food,If you push me in a hurry,I can take it all back“
“Hahahaha!You finally said what you were saying,it is good!Mom and I will move out for you today,You villa, I really don’t hesitate,Remember,Send someone to immediately lead the handover,I only give you three days,Don’t blame me for being late“Gu Yue said,Picked up her little bag on the sofa。
Gu Changlong never thought that his daughter would be so strong,He chuckled angrily:“Really individual,You do not want,I’ll take it all back,I see how you go down”
Gu Yue has tears in her eyes,She shouted at Xia Jian:”What are you doing standing?I have fired you“
Since Xia Jian came to work,,Gu Yue has never made him such a big fire,Not even a strong word,She looks really hot today。
Also,Gu Yue is out of work,What is he standing doing。Xia Jian hurriedly turned around,Follow Gu Yue and walk outside the door。Gu Changlong suddenly shouted:“You stop!“
“Gu Dong!What else do you have?There is no employment relationship between us,So i don’t have to listen to you“Xia Jian turned around,Say word by word。
Gu Changlong said with a straight face:“young people,I think you are quite capable,Why not stay in Yunmao Group,Maybe there will be something in the future“
“Thanks Gu Dong,Disagree,You should take back your sincerity!“Xia Jian finished,Follow Gu Yue to stride away。Behind him was left a puzzled look of Gu Changlong where he was sitting and sulking。
Once out of the elevator,Gu Yue has adjusted her mentality。She laughed and said:“sorry!I didn’t expect this to hurt you too“
“It’s nothing,If not for you to stay,I left here long ago“Xia Jian said with an indifferent look。
Xiaoting drove the car over,She glanced at Gu Yue nervously,Speak softly:“General Gu,Get in the car!Auntie called just now,Let you go back to the villa“
Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian,Can’t help but shook his head and said:“You go back first!Let’s talk in the company tomorrow,I’m moving tonight“

Guan Yun also didn’t expect Ye Shuangzhou, and now I started to take the way.。

Two people talk about it,Ye Shuangzhou, Li Hui Hui Hui Hui Hui, I will find the leadership.。
Although he has a background,But the high emperor far,His background is not really unable to use it.。
I sent away the Ye Double Boat,Li Hui Hui also arranged the house to Guan Yun and Cui Yongan.。
Others also gave it up.。
Day night,Li Hui Feng received a phone call。
As a question, Li Hui is in the courtyard,Ye Shuangzhou came directly。
And there is a peach roll of Taohua Village together with Ye Shuangzhou,Zhao Jiacun’s Zhao Pengyu。
There is also a Li Hui’s wind and doesn’t know.,But Xu Jiafu met a clear look that is very angry.。
Introduction to the leaves of the leaves,Li Hui said that the other party is the village head of Shenjia Village.。
There is also an acquaintance with Peni to come together.,That is the Taoist in the mountains of Shenjiacun.,Zhang Qi Ling。
How did Li speaks from the wind?,Zhang Qiling will follow the village head of Shenjia Village.。
It seems that it should be a pork processing plant.。
Li Hui Feng originally thought that only Ye Shuangzhou is coming.,I didn’t expect that the big night came so many people.。
This makes him very difficult。
“Leaf big brother,what’s the situation,How is it??”
Take advantage of no one’s attention,Li Hui quickly pulled the leaves to one side,Ask。
For tonight,I didn’t expect the leaves.。
He just let the secretary under the hand to inform the peach volume of Taohua Village.。
I didn’t expect so many people.,He knows that this secretary is definitely notified others.。
“Lee brother,I didn’t expect this.,I originally wanted to pull the peach volume with you to build the pork processing plant in their village.。”
“This is now,I am also the beginning.!”
Just in Li Hui, I want to open the mouth asked the leaves of the sect of the other villages.,Zhao Pengyu came with Pens to look at each other.,Also hurry to find it。
“Lee brother,We bother you this evening.,You won’t blame us.?”
“Mainly you are busy during the day.,If we come to find you during the day, it is not necessarily to find you.,So come to you at night.,Just have time,I didn’t expect to be so clever tonight.,All come。”
I heard Zhao Pengyu’s words.。
Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Zhao Da Ge,Where,Let’s hurry into the house.,Drink tea first,Drink while drinking。”
It is also to give people to everyone.。
After everyone left,The scene is also a silent,Some is just the sound of Li Hui’s falling water.。
After all, everyone to find Li Hui’s goal this evening is a good thing.。
But if this is, if you say it first,Then, whether it is to give Li Anti-style or give the leaves, there will be a not good impression.。
So everyone is waiting for someone to pick this mouth.。
Ye Shuangzhou is finally indulgent。
Face a group of old fritters,He can only open it first.,Otherwise, I will take it in the middle of the night.,These people are afraid that they will not say anything.。
“Coune a few old village heads,If you come to Li, I haven’t guess the wrong.,It should be a matter of pork processing plant.?”
It’s so born directly by the Ye Shuangzhou.,What are the other village director?,Xu Lai Fu is a bit an emergency。

The waiter was really surprised by Chen Xiu’s drinking method,Not talking for a long time,Chen Xiu thought he was afraid he had no money to pay the bill,Directly take the bank card。

“Bring a box first!”
As a fine dining restaurant,The basic service quality of the waiter still has,It will never be like a third-rate bridge section,Looking directly at the male protagonist’s clothes and clothes, Yunyun asked to pay first,Then the male lead dumped 1.8 million at a time,Slap in the face。
“Mr,That was not what I meant。”
“I know you don’t mean that,But we just want a box,A bottle of Portuguese juice,Not enough to drink。”
Portuguese juice……
Ok,Portuguese wine is past Portuguese juice,There is nothing wrong with it。
In a while,The waiter really brought up a box of wine。
“All opened。”
“Really open!”
The waiter’s eyes widened:“Can this be finished?”
“You can’t drink the best grape juice,Still a man!”
Good guy,Really don’t treat wine as wine。
Anyway, I have already paid,Open on!

Zhao Hong saw that he was almost ready,And said to Mo Yan:“Here it is,Go and close your own office,starting from tomorrow,Everyone is working in the new office building。

Mo Yan responded,Closed the door and left。
“Sit down!Experience the feeling of this new office“Zhao Hong smiled and sat down at her desk。Xia Jian took a seat here,Just two people face to face,Look at each other,Smiled knowingly。
at this time,Someone knocks on the door,Xia Jian shouted loudly:“Please come in“
Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu came in,Their faces,The same smile,Xia Jian greeted the two and sat down on the sofa next to him。
“President Xia!You see our new office building is also ready,Which fifty acres of greenhouses in Zhangwang Village are still needed,Can be put into production next month。Throughout Binh Duong Town,No village can compare to our Xiping Village,Just talk about this office building,And elementary school,They can’t compare”Chen Erniu gets more energetic as he speaks。
Zhao Hong glanced at him,Said with a smile:“Just say what you want,Abducted,I can’t understand what you are saying?”
“Ha ha!I mean to celebrate!”Chen Erniu said with a smile。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head and asked:“How do you want to celebrate?”
“Let’s play a big one in Xiping Village,Let other villages follow,Let’s invite the West Third Group to come to our village to sing a big show,Let the people from all over the world come to see”Chen Erniu said,Stood up excitedly,Start dancing。
Zhao Hong took a deep breath and cursed:“You are so careless,Can we do such a thing?Don’t say anything else,This West Third Troupe is a famous Qin Opera Troupe,Whether they will come or not are two different things,Even if it’s invited,Can we cover the cost??”
“Will definitely come,As long as there is money,Why won’t they come,That’s the cost may be a bit high,Not just to be happy,Let our village get old,Let’s see what the West Third Regiment looks like?Or I just know how to practice it”Chen Erniu was still a bit unwilling to say。
When Chen Erniu first started,Xia Jian a hundred disagree,But when he said it was for the elderly in the village,I started some activities in my heart。
Xia Sanhu, who has never liked talking,At this moment, he also smiled slightly:“There are so many elderly people in our village,I haven’t even been to Pingcheng in my life,I only listen to others saying how the Xisan Group’s drama is so good,But where do they know。Actually what Erniu said,Is also the meaning of these people in the village,It’s just that everyone doesn’t know how much it will cost.”
“Ok!All right,I understand what you mean,This matter can be discussed“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Zhao Hongyi listen,Immediately unhappy,She said coldly:“They fool around,You followed nonsense,Spend such a large sum of money,You are not afraid that someone will sue again?“
“Nothing,Sue if you like!you tell me first,Does Murakami have money now??and also,Which loans,When can i pay it back?“Xia Jian looked disapproving。
Zhao Hong didn’t speak anymore,But to find the ledger from the data cabinet,I probably turned over and said:“Originally at the end of this year,All loans are based on current development status,It can be paid back completely,But not the village primary school,And this village committee,Later, another 50 acres of greenhouses were built,So this year is definitely not up“
“Oh!Has the vegetable supermarket at the township level started to deliver it??“Xia Jian changed the topic,Asked about this again。
Zhao Hong shook his head and said:“not yet,Because there are still several supermarkets in the town currently under renovation,Moreover,We don’t have such a large output,Have to wait till next month,After which 50 acres of greenhouses are put into production,We can deliver“

Zhao Hong smiled and said:“You’re such a fool。When a child grows up,So go to bed and get up early,And you must ensure enough sleep time every day,That looks like you!It doesn’t matter if you don’t sleep for two or three days“

Xia Jian knew he was late,So I took the initiative to talk to everyone,The atmosphere slowly eased。Zhao Hong is eating,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“What exactly is going on?Don’t you just arrange work??Just a few hours“
“Hi!“Xia Jian sighed helplessly,So he went to Zhangyang Village and told him from beginning to end。Zhao Hongyi listen,But said with a cold smile:”It seems that Ma Chuntao intends to oppose your work“
“I think this is a question of her ideology,Intentional confrontation?Why she did this?“Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Zhao Hong smiled and said:“Think about it yourself!Isn’t the lice on this bald head obvious??You still pretend not to know,Is this interesting?“Zhao Hong finished,And began to clean up the dishes。
Sun Yuejuan glanced at Xia Jian,Lower your voice and say:“You better stay away from this Ma Chuntao,She is not a peaceful woman at first glance。A woman in her thirties,Not guarding a home,And live apart from her husband。Who does she think she is?Really a drop in price“
Sun Yuejuan was a little angry and said to Ma Chuntao。Xia Jian looked blank,He can’t figure it out。How could my mother complain so much to Ma Chuntao,It stands to reason that this doesn’t match up。
Some things are better to say less,Xia Jian glanced at his tired father Xia Zecheng,said laughingly:“dad!are you tired!Then rest early,I have to go up the mountain tomorrow!“
“Damn!This is really not forgiving of age!Why did you want to climb this mountain back then?!okay,Talk slowly,I have to rest early“Xia Zecheng finished,Got up and left。
Sun Yuejuan glanced at Zhao Hong, who was packing up the dishes in the kitchen,I lowered my voice and said to Xia Jian:“Jianer!Don’t be annoying。We can’t do things like this,You and Zhao Hong can’t do this forever!I have to give someone an explanation。I understand the child’s mind,But we can’t do this“
Mention it,Xia Jian was in a mess。Anyway, he still doesn’t want to get married,He doesn’t want marriage to restrain him。Although it’s 30 people,But he always feels that he hasn’t played enough。
“child!Male big married,Women’s University,Everyone has to experience this。You said Zhao Hong has such good conditions,It’s not very casual to want to marry。She has been so single,Mother is embarrassed to see people when she goes out“Sun Yuejuan said,Took a long breath。
Xia Jian thought about it and wanted to ask:“mother!What do you mean?My son listens to me“
“Hi!Mother is not a naive person。Marriage matters are not the same,Once together,Be responsible to the other party to the end。Mother doesn’t understand what love you young people are talking about,But mother knows,If you have this person in your heart,Then you are responsible to her。Understand?”Sun Yuejuan left after saying this。
Xia Jian sat quietly for a while,Until Zhao Hong turned off the light in the kitchen,He hurriedly stood up,Follow Zhao Hong out。
Do not know what is the reasons of that,Black in the sky,What is even more undesirable is that the street lights in the village are not on.。in the dark,Xia Jian took two steps,He gently grabbed Zhao Hong’s hand。

It was the morning of the fourth day when the teenager woke up,Looking at the sun outside,Jumped up from the bed in surprise,The first reaction is that I don’t know how long I slept,Secondly, I remembered the explanation from Master Huo Tianzun,Go to the Holy Fire Palace to find him,Could this be a delay in this matter??

There are stacks of neat brand new clothes beside the bed,Juvenile careless,Dressed in a hurry and rushed out of the room,Seeing an old man in the courtyard was carrying water and watering flowers,It’s the person I called to help him arrange a residence,Then asked,“Old man,How long have i slept。”
“Three days。”
“Three days?”The teenager pats the forehead,Turn around and rush towards the courtyard door,But after two or three steps, I had to stop and ask,“Dare to ask how to get to the Holy Fire Temple?”
This Five Elements Island is huge,Crater mountains to the northeast,Mountain peaks,There are many buildings on the halfway of these peaks,Find one by one,That will take a lot of effort。
The old man seems very confused,Overlooking the crater,Reach out,“Should be in this mountain。”
should?Boy rolls his eyes,It seems that this old man is also confused,It’s better not to ask,Time is running out,The teenager rushed to the discharge gate,And then jumped into the air with one step,This is the only body method he will use when he comes to the free world,I realized it under the pressure of the master。
The crater seems to be right in front of you,In fact, there is still a distance,Juvenile using imperial wind,Although still very clumsy,But the speed is not slow,Soon I found two peaks,But did not find the Holy Fire Temple,No one seems to exist in the two buildings。
Beautiful scenery along the way,But no clouds appeared,It’s hard to see people,The huge island is quiet,Young people can’t find anyone to ask,Can’t help but get anxious。
To the third mountain,The buildings here are much more magnificent than the previous two,And brought hope to the teenager,See from a distance‘Palace of Golden Wind’Three large gilded plaques,He seemed to pass by here when he left the hall with Wu Ju,The words on the plaque at that time were like tadpoles,Young people don’t recognize,I still don’t recognize it now,But familiar,Is the common square font in mainland China。
Don’t understand why,But presumably the Holy Fire Hall is so close to the main peak,Once the scope is reduced,At ease,The boy simply broke into the building in front of him,I don’t believe I can’t find a big living person。
‘Palace of Golden Wind’Someone is there,more than one,The fat blond man who met three days ago is in the courtyard outside the temple,Juvenile joy,Waved at it in mid-air,“I’m lost,Dare to ask fat brother,How to get to the Holy Fire Temple?”
“Holy Fire Temple?”The fat man looked confused,“The Holy Fire Temple has long been destroyed。”
“what?!”Teenager shocked,Thought I heard it wrong,Hurriedly jumped down from midair,“Fat brother,I’m talking about the Holy Fire Temple。”
“Yes,Holy Fire Temple has been destroyed。”

Xia Jian sighed and said:“Sister Yumei!My last name is Xia,Called Xia Jian。You will call me Xiaoxia,Or just call my name。Stop calling the big boss,I heard a little bit”

“Ha ha!You are very talkative。That won’t work,The boss is the boss,This identity must have。Do you think Mr. Yao?”He Yumei and Xia Jian talking,Suddenly started teasing Yao Junli again。She is a lively person at first glance。
Yao Junli reached out and hit He Yumei,Then he smiled at Xiajian and said:“Warm up on the kang,Let’s cook lunch”Yao Junli said,And he walked outside the door with He Yumei。
He Yumei who walked into the yard looked at the sky and said:“It seems your approach is good,The fire is already burning”
“that’s great!”Xia Jianyi listen,Ran out quickly。Thick smoke billowing in the sky,Also mixed with wormwood that was washed up by the heat。Xia Jian looked at the sky with both eyes,Thinking in my heart,This fire should not be small。
It’s all said that it’s a play with three women,But Yao Junli and He Yumei went into the kitchen together,The laughter continued,Occasionally, there is also the noise of two people。
Xia Jian sat in the upper room alone,I was thinking when the merchant who came to rent this wasteland this afternoon saw a big black hole,What kind of thoughts will be in my mind。
and also,He Yumei arranged for someone to talk to the leader about this big hole,I don’t know if it can be done?Xia Jianyue thought,I think it’s a bit more troublesome。
He Yumei’s cooking level is really fast,Thirty or forty minutes,I rolled the noodles and brought it up。Xia Jian grew up eating noodles。So for him to eat noodles at noon,Is the best thing。
Xia Jian grew up in the countryside,So for the rural lifestyle,He accepted it from the bottom of his heart。He unceremoniously ate two bowls of noodles before putting down his chopsticks。
Yao Junli is a woman,She just ate a bowl and cried to death。But He Yumei is different,Although she is a woman,But her appetite is as good as Xia Jian。
Maybe Xia Jian kept staring at He Yumei for the reason,This woman smiled to Xia Jian when she put down her chopsticks:“To be a good farmer,First of all to have a good body。Where does good health come from?Skip eating,How does that work。Can eat”
“She is right,She can do farm work in her teens,The average man is not her opponent。At this point,I’m not bragging”Yao Junli looked at her good friend,Very seriously。

869 gambling

Ruan Tian only thought Chen Xiu was scared,Even more proudly:“Don’t worry about this,The town naturally has a team of appraisers,Then you can make them fair、Fair appraisal of who is more valuable!”
Chen Xiu looks at Wu Yuanjia,Otherwise, he nodded and said:“The appraiser team here is still very fair,Will not cheat!”
“Row,Then let’s start!”
Speaking of which Chen Xiu hasn’t drilled the stone for a long time,It’s also a temporary itch。
“and many more!”
Chen Xiu looked at Ruan Tian suspiciously,Just listen to what he said:“Our gambling agreement also has to write a sentence,Otherwise!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t care,Anyway, I have a perspective eyeUG,Betting on rocks、Or go to Australia Island to bet,These are hard for him to lose!
Chen Xiu and Ruan Tian signed the paper,Each signed and handprinted。
Seeing Ruan Tian carefully collected the paperwork,Chen Xiu said strangely:“You are not afraid that you have won me thousands or millions,I have no money to lose to you?”
“Hehe……On my site,You lose to you me,I have a way to make you slowly earn it back to me!”
Ruan Tian is even more proud,Thought to myself:“I’m really not afraid you have no money to lose!If you lose,I’ll use your girlfriend as a mortgage when that happens,100,000 per night,To the old Zhuhuang and then sell it to the market;If it’s not enough,Your kid is fine skin and tender meat,Sell you to the night market。Always earn it back!”
The stone betting game officially begins,Chen Xiu is not in a hurry,First, I watched it,First, you don’t need to see through the eyes to choose the stone,But based on my own experience, I spent one hundred thousand to buy two large rough stones。

“Don’t worry about this,My teeth are good,Hard bones,I can also chew。But I will say hello to you in advance,I am now cleaning up the village road in Donglin Village,There is a man named Xu Sanniu,I heard that his uncle is Deputy Mayor Han”Xia Jian stopped here when he said that。

Qin Xiaomin is on the phone:“Oh”Asked:“how?Did this person become an official through someone in the city?,Want to hinder your work?”
“Almost what it means。I brought people from the police station today,If he dares to fool,I’ll let him be detained。Donglin Township is not making heavy moves now,Really can’t rectify”Xia Jian said,Sighed。
Qin Xiaomin said with a smile:“You have to be careful。Most of the villagers are good,Only a few black sheep。Mayor Chen also said,For Donglin Township,Special affairs,It is necessary to take some drastic measures。Don’t care whose relatives he is,Don’t listen, just grab,I’ll take care of the problem”
“it is good!Mayor Qin,With you,I can do it boldly。But can you remind Deputy Mayor Han,This can be regarded as giving him a lot of face”Xia Jian hung up the phone here。
Secretary Wang, who was standing by, also listened,His frowning brow stretched slowly。He glanced at Xu Sanniu,Deliberately said to Zhao Dahai:“Chief Zhao!start to act。listen,J,If we dare to hinder our work today,Do whatever you want”
“it is good!Everyone act according to my arrangement just now”Zhao Dahai waved,Took a shovel and took the lead and walked out。
Who are squatting in the corner and smoking?,Xu Sanniu stood up so suddenly,Throw the cigarette butt in your hand to the ground,I stepped on my foot and said:“You guys don’t be afraid,See me Xu Sanniu”
This guy finished,Just walk out quickly,Several other people followed him。Can see,They are in a group,I have negotiated and wanted to work against the village committee。
Just for a while。When Xia Jian and Secretary Wang walked around to the door of those people who had not cleared the village road just now。Originally more than ten households,There are only four households left now,And it’s a neighbor。
Zhao Dahai trot to Xia Jian’s body,Whisper:“Chief Xia!These four families,Xu Sanniu and the others。Not just cleaning up the village road,Any decision of the village committee,He would stand up and make a fuss”
“Don’t worry,I just want someone to stand up and make noise。Which Chen Meihua’s house was cleaned up??”Xia Jian asked as soon as the topic changed。
Zhao Dahai smiled and said:“Chen Meihua is strange this time,She is very cooperative。Her house is cleaned the fastest,So the neighbors follow suit。If she objected, It’s hard to carry on this work”
When Xia Jian and Zhao Dahai were talking,Xu Sanniu came over with a shovel,He shouted to Xia Jian:“Chief Xia!I said it before,My family’s problem is not resolved,No one should think about cleaning up the village”
“I also said,These are two different things。Clean up the village road first,Ask me to respond to your questions。If you insist on obstructing the work of the whole village,I don’t know the consequences”Xia Jian’s attitude is very tough,I don’t mean any relief。
Secretary Wang is old after all,He saw something wrong with the situation here,Immediately shouted to Zhao Chunling:“Director Zhao!Send someone to clean up from the two east side first,If anyone dares to stop,Catch whatever”
Zhao Chunling immediately understood what Secretary Wang meant,Wave her hand,The two policemen and the deputy village chief led a few villagers around Xu Sanqiang,I used to clean up the two houses in the east。
Which two families see this posture,I recognized it in an instant。They shouted to clean up by themselves,And guarantee the fastest speed。Four households in total,Two households give up,The other one does not wait for everyone to act。Who has run out with the whole family,The action is cleaned up frantically。

“I feel like being drugged”Captain Dong said solemnly。

His voice just fell,Shouted another policeman scouting the living room:“team leader!Here is a letter”
Captain Dong listened,Yelled:“bring here”
Captain Dong is in front of Wang Lin,Opened the letter,See it says:“Mr. Xiao, we picked it up,No one is looking for。I wanted to take Mr. Xia with me,Can think again,He is worthless,Bringing him will add a burden。Tell Xia Jian,We can only negotiate with him about this,Don’t involve the police,Otherwise disadvantageous,Li Xiaolu”
On a page,Just a few words,Once Wang Lin finished reading,I was paralyzed on the sofa,She muttered involuntarily:“Manager Xiao!I killed you”
Captain Dong sat down,Asked quietly:“Who is this Li Xiaolu??”
“I got a babysitter from the housekeeping company”Wang Lin said weakly。
At this moment,Another policeman came in and said:“team leader,Camera on the door,The shooting time was fixed at ten o’clock yesterday morning,And there is a black dog in the backyard,Seems to have been drugged,Sleeping till now”
“it is good!Look for more useful clues in which nanny’s room”Captain Dong said,Stood up。
Wang Lin took a breath and said:“Captain Dong,What should we do next?”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Wang,This case can now be characterized as a kidnapping case,Mr. Xiao is not in any danger right now,What we have to do now is,Wait for them to show up,The other party will definitely ask”Captain Dong said with a serious face。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“Since they left the letter to not let you participate,You can only act in the dark,And also block the news of Mr. Xiao being kidnapped,I’m afraid that others have other intentions”
“understand,We know what to do,But you must stay calm,As if nothing happened”Captain Dong finished,And took the police away。
Fang Fang just came here,She asked quietly:“President Wang!Is Xiao always kidnapped by Li Xiaolu??”
“She should be right,Let’s take Xiao Hei to the pet hospital,Then go see Mr. Xia!remember,I can’t tell the task person about this”Wang Lin said coldly。This is a strong woman,For a while,She has adjusted her state back。
When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying on a hospital bed,And also put a needle,He hasn’t recovered for a long time,What’s wrong?
Is it dreaming?its not right!The sun is shining outside the window,And from time to time there is the sound of car horns on the road,Xia Jian slowly recalled,When he remembered the scene last night,The whole person is stupid。
Is it true that Li Xiaolu gave me something??Seems something wrong,But he can’t tell what’s wrong,He doesn’t remember anything anyway。