Beijing: Strive to 2025 years aggregate global financial science and technology leader

Original title: Strive for 2025 years ago, gathering in the Global Financial Science and Technology Leading Enterprises Yesterday, at the 2021 Financial Street Forum Annual Meeting, "The Development Plan for the National Financial Science and Technology Demonstration Zone of Xicheng District" is released.

Our reporter said the newspaper (Reporter Pan Fuda) Yesterday afternoon, at the Global Financial Science and Technology Summit held during the 2021 Financial Street Forum, "the" 14th Five-Year Plan "Demonstration Zone Development Plan in Xicheng District" release. According to the plan, "Jinke New District" will strive to become a global financial science and technology leader aggregation, global technology research and development and application scenarios, global financial science and technology supervision systems and system standard strategies, and the world’s top innovative person is preferred.

  In the Xicheng District Deputy Director, the "Jinke New District" will gather high quality development, accelerate the development of digital industrialization, build regional digital industrial clusters, and seize the high digital economic system; will achieve innovative development level Increased, the average annual income growth of high-tech enterprises strive to reach 8%.

  According to the plan, "Jinke New District" innovative R & D and scene application capabilities will strive to lead the world, in artificial intelligence, big data, interconnected technology, distributed technology and other financial science and technology underlying basic technology and application technology research and development, annual average More than 50 high-quality invention patents and 10 domestic and international standards; "Jinke New District" industry synergy will basically form it, by 2025, newly added financial technology enterprises and professional service agencies Not less than 50; "Jinke New District" development environment will further optimize, continuously improve the policy environment, market environment and business environment, speed up digital infrastructure construction, promote the construction of "Jinke New District" theme building, and strive to provide 2025 High quality industrial space above 500,000 square meters. "Jinke New District" will create a space development pattern of "one core two wings".

"One core" is the north exhibition area as the core, key layout financial supervision technology, financial science and technology core business and support financial technology innovative professional services, actively serving the supervision experiment of financial supervision departments, striving for financial supervision and application pilot policy " Jinke New District "first try;" two wings "is the development of innovative and innovation, innovative platforms, and promotion of organizational model innovation, business innovation, and service innovation, and demonstrations through professional services to promote organizational model innovation, artistic innovation and service innovation through professional services. District construction provides space support; "more" includes multiple specialty parks and theme buildings dominated by the financial science and technology industry, providing a wide range of business and space support for the development of the demonstration zone.

  Promote innovative ecological coverage will become a key task of "Jinke New District" during the 14th Five-Year Plan. "Jinke New District" will accelerate financial science and technology innovation elements, increase the intensity of key enterprises and project pilots, and accelerate the introduction of international professional service agencies, strengthen the construction of financial science and technology talents, and build financial science and technology supervision innovation "Beijing Brands".

"Jinke New District" will also enhance financial scientific and technological innovation and strengthening financial science and technology innovation support system, strengthen regional collaboration and characteristic industries. Nie Jie Ying said that Xicheng District will set up the Beijing Stock Exchange, accelerate the promotion of industries, and fully serve the development of financial technology enterprises, professional service institutions, technology research institutions, standard creations development, promote digital industries, and seize standard creation and supervision. Innovation pilot, grab the original innovation, integrated innovation, and application innovation. Xicheng District will continue to strengthen the linkage development of Financial Street and Zhongguancun, promote the synergy of urban center and Xiongan region, form a good pattern of complementary advantages, collaboration, and joint development.

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