As of 16:00 on January 1, Taiyuan Metro passenger traffic exceeded

  Original title: Taiyuan subway passenger flow breakthrough million January 2nd Taiyuan China Railway Traffic construction operation company, Taiyuan’s first subway line opened, after steadily increased, as of January 1, 2021, Taiyuan Metro Line 2 accumulatedThe passenger traffic exceeded 1 million.As of the end of the year’s day, the total traffic of the total passenger traffic in the subway line 2 has exceeded 10,000 traffic, and the highest record of the single-day passenger flow.

In the station along the way, Changfeng Street Station reached 23,986, and Da Nanmen Station reached 18,285, and the Kaifeng Temple Street reached 16699, and the dazzling score was shown.

It is not difficult to see that Metro Line 2 is changing the way of travel of Taiyuan citizens, more people choose green, efficient, and convenient subway travel.Since the opening, the relevant departments have jointly guarantee the overall safety, steady, orderly, orderly, and the day’s operational graph of 100%, 100% of the train is 100%, providing a reliable travel guarantee for the general public.(Reporter Li Tao correspondent Zhang Xiongfei).