Tan Yunlong: Children’s youth psychological problems need health, education, management department linkage

Beijing Huilongguan Hospital Vice President, Chief Physician Tan Yunlong.

Wang Yuyi recently, by the Health China Action Promotion Committee Office, People’s Network · People’s Health, the 2021 National Second Session "Health Chinese" series round table forum held in Beijing. On the afternoon of February 27th, in the special forum of the "Quality of Psychological Health", Beijing Huilongguan Hospital Vice President, Chief Physician Tan Yunlong said that children’s adolescent psychological problems require joint operations such as medical system, education system.

Tan Yunlong said that the cause of mental illness is very complex, and the research of the pathological organizational organization required by the research and the difficulty of the model animals constrained the etiology of mental illness. Despite this, biological-social-psychological medical model is used to explain the occurrence of mental illness and development is equally applicable. In this regard, Tan Yunlong put forward three suggestions: First, multi-departmental joint action. Mental illness is a disease caused by the interaction of genetics, the environment, and both.

Existing technologies are difficult to prevent and intervene from genetic perspectives, but there are many jobs that can be done from social and psychological factors. In recent years, the incidence of children’s youth and psychological problems has increased increasing trends, in this regard, we need joint action such as medical, education and management system. The second is to carry out epidemiological investigation. Large-scale epidemiological surveys reveal the occurrence, development law of the disease, discovering the possible risk factors of diseases; can provide scientific basis for the prevention and control of various mental illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the streaming work based on mental illness classification. The third is to carry out health education for ordinary public.

At present, the treatment rate of mental disorders is low, and a large number of patients missed the best treatment window, mostly because the public lacks lack of mental illness and mental health. Therefore, in response to the general public, mental health education, early intercourse of disease, early treatment, and reduce social problems caused by diseases.