The people on the deck suddenly panic——This top,I am afraid of being stranded,And your own big ship is a sea boat、A spools,It is possible to thoroughly report on shallow water.!

“Overcoming anger!We are a giant whale……”
“The boat is the Queen’s birthday,Too late。”
“I、I am a giant whale to help the old old Li Tiande,Please be too old、Chu Hexia,Moving boat!”
A panic shout,The Chu Deiren has left the room.,Just push it into slight strand、Not thoroughly anchoring the extent,Then lightly lift your foot,So on、Falling on the deck of the big ship。
Giant whale,This is a little bit of swing from panic,But but didn’t notice,The white woman in a half step,Light job seems to……Not weaker than the Chu Deirers too much。
Chu is a beautiful woman with a beautiful woman,Not a new thing is nothing。
Li Tiande, doing the Lord on the boat,I am busy playing forward.:“I am gangster and the old life.,Protecting the birthday,I don’t want to coll myself.,Rude……”
Although it is clearly a Chu Deirers,still is“Collide”Special force,But Li Tiande dares to distinguish。
By the way, Li De Tian also looked at the white woman.,Polite asked:“I don’t know, but I practice fairy.?”
Pity star,Li Tiande has already felt murderous……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 529 Bother
“Birthday?What do you want to send??”The Chu Deiren asked very much.。
Just being killed by pity,I have thrown Li Tiande,Immediately answer:“Benevolence,From last year,I took a batch of cotton,300,000 sets of winter clothes,Send to Fuyang Guo Taxia,Now we take back,It is the thin winter coat of the Yuxian Shoujun.。”
Chu Deiren heard,Looking at him surprised——Even if the Chu Deirers don’t understand this,It can also be some perceived.,The giant whale is helped to do this.……
“Ignorant”There is a bought, do not say,and……You“Thin winter clothes”bring back,Be the department of the soldier、Household is dissatisfied?
Li Tiande also saw the surprises of Chu Deirers.,I quickly explain:“Chu Hexia may not know,Recently, the household order,Encourage folk luxury labor,And these thin winter clothes,This is the tension of the court last year.,This is only,The official and too much worry is very worried about this matter.,Even officials,Last year, we will not wear thick cotton clothes.。”
Chu Deman:……
Chu Deirers suspect,This is also a god.——Can’t wait to want to want to do three thousand,Play a bigger role?
But this is no wonder the ship of giant whales.,Will be here。
The original Chu Deirers are still strange,Shouli of the giant whale,I want to come to the overseas talents,How can I get down from the big river?。
It’s going to go to Yangyang Laojun.,The so-called birthday,Be“Solve the winter problem of Yuxian Shoujun”!
“I heard that you are colluding with you.,Still assassination of officials and too late,Now it seems that the giant whale is helpless,There is no such thing.!”Chu Deiren a rural lake rumor、Insufficient material。
Li Tiande was shocked——Is this incident in a big internal sensation??How have you been in the rivers and lakes?“It is said that”Extent?
“Jiang、There are always some scheduling rumors in the rivers and lakes.,hehe。”Li Tiande laughs very embarrassed。
Chu Deirens look at him,Unlike a strange collusion,What is it is like a surprised you will know that he has colliled?!
And since Li Tianyi is still alive,I want to come to the ruling mountain villa’s investigation to giant whale to help but continue……
“Your ship is good,I don’t know how to chef on the boat.?”Just asked if the Chu Deiren didn’t have a purpose.。
Li Tiande Wen Yan said that although he is willing,But the mouth is still said:“The old man on the boat can be cooked for cooking crabs.!Meet the chance,I am now calling the people to prepare the dishes.,Drink in this river,Don’t have a taste,I don’t know if I will seek face.?”
“Hahaha,German is old here.,What to do?Since the old is a craft,After the Chu, I walked with you.!”Chu Deirers said,Also patted Li Tiande’s shoulder。
Li Tiande:……
This giant whale helped since ten years ago,Anchored ship,After that, I will put it on Shenhou.,Essence the internal traitor,I have always believed that outsiders,Nowadays“Family gang”,Helper、Associate,Most of the old age,All are Li surname relatives。
So usually call,Not called“Li Chang is old”,Otherwise no one is。
Chu Deirers are cool“German”After the invitation,I also called the little fish.,During the time, the little fish and Jiang Yulang were locked.,Let Li Tiande are curious。