I heard this,The palace is even more hesitant.,Disgoes,If Liao Wenjie is to cancel the marriage,It is best to die this heart.。

He fights for life.,Death on the column,Will n’t let Liao Wenjie succeed!
Become a legend in Hong Kong
Chapter 467 I don’t want to come to a big sister.Pocky
“Tuang master,Come to you tonight,There is a very important thing。”Two cups of tea,Liao Jie put down the tea cup,Start enter the topic。
“It is really important”
Tongyong Yale looked at the luxury tea box,Sigh:“Mr. Kurosaki,I know what you want to say.,I also know that you don’t care if I agree.,But I still have to say that you are forgiving.!”
“No way,This important thing is refused,Thanks to your predecessor leader,There is no big view。”Liao Jieqi,Time to do so,Doubt this bad old man is a spy in Hellan inserted.。
“It is because of the predecessor leader of the demonstrator.,Departure from the overall situation,I will choose to refuse。”
The palace is ruthless:“Not just me,The current leader is also the same,Mr. Blackazaki doesn’t have to say,I can tell you very responsibly.,Retreat this thing is never possible。”
Liao Jie:`′;
It is also a big family that is inherited in the future.,Anuo gold,Say a few,So he doesn’t spit anything.。
Aiming on the tea box on your eyes,Liao Jie roughly understands what,Make a punch,Give yourself full of tea,Slowly:“Tuang master,Seven days no,Six days later is the whole eclipse,Regarding this matter,Do you have any wind??”
“I will listen to this.,Tomorrow, the magistrate family held an emergency meeting,The demonstrators of the decentralized neon areas will arrive at Tokyo headquarters,The specific situation is not in the phone.,Only mentioned the prophecy of the shallow witch。”
Speaking of which,The palace is ridiculous.,Test:“Mr. Kurosaki,What you mentioned,Is it about full-term etch??”
“What do you think?”
“Uh,I think this is never possible.。”
Two people have a big eye,Because the Tong Palace Yali is blinking,Born to occupy an advantage,Liao Jie’s eyebrows are so fast that,No-speechless:“seriously,Chatting with you, talking, you are really tired,A punctuation,You can write a reading understanding。”
“Mr. Kurosaki said。”
The palace is rushing to wipe the sweat name as embarrassing,Be very embarrassed。
Really Liao Jie belt gift,Monster,He can’t accept it for a while.,Think that Liao Jie is not well,This is only another place.。
“lets change a topic,Problem,The shallow witch who will predict”
Liao Jie is serious:“Is she pretty?”
“Very beautiful!”
Tongyong Ya Le nodded,Conscientiously:“When I was young,One thought she is the most beautiful woman in the world。”
“What,I will ask questions.,no other meaning,Don’t answer so serious。”
Liao Jie wiped the cold sweat on the head,road:“Seriously,No joke,What did this witch grandmother predict?,Meteorite?Cooperative universe pirate?Wang Dayin?”
The palace is unknown, so,Straightforward:“Phone says these unsafe,I am with Nair,See you in the headquarters as soon as possible,That again。”