That ripple is just a moment,But it made Li Tianzhen stare blankly for a long time,There are only faint ripples and undetectable tremors,It’s like a fly and a worm inadvertently hit a spider web in the dark,He wants to find the difference between the two space rifts,It’s not the difference in appearance that the eyes see,But to know the essence of the space,And what substance is on the other side。

The long stone is indeed missing,It never fell back,Except for the ripples at the moment of disappearance,Li Tianzhen hardly felt any obvious energy overflow,This is against common sense,Make him puzzled,Or that the stone is safe?Where did it go?
Li Tianzhi frowned,Obviously it doesn’t make sense from the perspective of formation,Although he is currently studying and selling,So-so,But inherited the memory of Li Xiucheng,After reading Yuwen’s collection,The knowledge of the formation is also considered an expert,Just be inspired,There is no formation that does not release energy,Whether it’s killing array、maze、Seal the Great Array and so on,The stone he threw in just now was inspired。
So Li Tianzhen found another smaller rock,Did not make any stay in that space,Shake your hand and threw it in,At the same time, my eyes widened and stared at the ripples,Sure enough,Very like a formation,But still too short,Not really,The rock passed through the space without accident and never returned。
Li Tianzhi is shocked,He can almost be sure,Outside the space rift is another relatively stable world,Not like the outside of other rifts,Usually extremely unstable,Or simply tyrannical void,in other words,The mirror-like surface above the head is like the door of the legendary space!
Think a little bit,Li Tianzhen stretched out his right hand,A dim yellow ball of light appeared on the fingertip of the index finger in the fluctuation of the consciousness,The ball of light rolled off the palm,Keep spinning,Soon became a cute rabbit,This is a creature with his mental strength,Tangible but insubstantial。
He sent the rabbit into a rift in space,After the same ripples,The rabbit looked around on the other side of the fissure,Then he bounced away,The rabbit jumped a long distance,suddenly,The spiritual power in the consciousness is broken,Although I can’t see what happened,But Li Tianzhen speculates,Should be a sudden external force,Wiped out the mental creature in an instant。
This made him think of the space rift in Xinglong Mountain.,Not only unstable,And it’s a one-way channel,Can break into outsiders from the other side of the rift,But on this side of the world,No matter what goes in, it will be cut and die,What is the reason?
Li Tianzhen, who was meditating again, suddenly felt undetectable fluctuations above his head,Look up,The faint mirror surface is calm as usual,But he drifted away quickly,Because he seems to have captured the long-sought energy spill。
Li Tianzhen retreated to the corner of the pit,Eyes quietly staring at the gap in space,Energy has changed from dim spilling to fluctuation,And it’s getting more and more obvious,The mirror finally rippled,A huge guy broke in instantly,Hit the ground with a bang,It’s so direct。
This is a very irregular object,Or it can be called a rock,Black,But not ordinary,The surface is steaming black,Like being burned by fire,Same as the gas released by the undead army in the valley,It seems extremely heavy,Actually smashed the ground into a deep hole。
The black fog is getting thicker,Has flooded the entire pit,Li Tianzhen is not in a hurry,in contrast,He has already restrained his breath,Disguised himself as a rock in the pit。
The weird thing is,Obviously there are channels,But the black mist does not spread out,Even if the whole pit body is dark and sticky,Out of sight,is also like this,The black mist is indeed the product of the Undead Army,It has obvious suppressive effect on living bodies,such as,Frightening、asphyxia、Unimaginable gravity, etc.,But it doesn’t affect Li Tianzhen。
Under the Eyes of True Vision,Li Tianzhen found that the black mist was slowly rotating,Seems to be trying to find a direction,Inadvertently,Several black tentacles formed in the mist,Tentacles wriggling,Unanimously pounce on the one that has been blocked、Passage to the valley behind,With the constant sound of clicking,These tentacles are actually clearing the passage,The whole process made Li Tianzhen incredible。
The tentacles move extremely fast,I dug a few feet away in a short time,There is a long distance ahead,So those tentacles stretched longer,And the black rock-like object suddenly cracked with a bang,Shattered into countless pieces,Each piece grows tall as if it is inflated。
Then as guessed,A statue of undead rock formed,These weird guys look like human bodies,One by one, holding head-like stones in their hands, they began to line up,When the tidy steps sounded,Li Tianzhen is equivalent to watching the formation process of the undead army completely。
in this way,Almost certainly the other side of the space rift is the world of the undead,And this rift that connects the two worlds,Without the barriers of the world,Almost directly through,Can be called the gate of space,How it is formed,Li Tianzhi has no way of knowing。