Xia Jian sighed and said:“Sister Yumei!My last name is Xia,Called Xia Jian。You will call me Xiaoxia,Or just call my name。Stop calling the big boss,I heard a little bit”

“Ha ha!You are very talkative。That won’t work,The boss is the boss,This identity must have。Do you think Mr. Yao?”He Yumei and Xia Jian talking,Suddenly started teasing Yao Junli again。She is a lively person at first glance。
Yao Junli reached out and hit He Yumei,Then he smiled at Xiajian and said:“Warm up on the kang,Let’s cook lunch”Yao Junli said,And he walked outside the door with He Yumei。
He Yumei who walked into the yard looked at the sky and said:“It seems your approach is good,The fire is already burning”
“that’s great!”Xia Jianyi listen,Ran out quickly。Thick smoke billowing in the sky,Also mixed with wormwood that was washed up by the heat。Xia Jian looked at the sky with both eyes,Thinking in my heart,This fire should not be small。
It’s all said that it’s a play with three women,But Yao Junli and He Yumei went into the kitchen together,The laughter continued,Occasionally, there is also the noise of two people。
Xia Jian sat in the upper room alone,I was thinking when the merchant who came to rent this wasteland this afternoon saw a big black hole,What kind of thoughts will be in my mind。
and also,He Yumei arranged for someone to talk to the leader about this big hole,I don’t know if it can be done?Xia Jianyue thought,I think it’s a bit more troublesome。
He Yumei’s cooking level is really fast,Thirty or forty minutes,I rolled the noodles and brought it up。Xia Jian grew up eating noodles。So for him to eat noodles at noon,Is the best thing。
Xia Jian grew up in the countryside,So for the rural lifestyle,He accepted it from the bottom of his heart。He unceremoniously ate two bowls of noodles before putting down his chopsticks。
Yao Junli is a woman,She just ate a bowl and cried to death。But He Yumei is different,Although she is a woman,But her appetite is as good as Xia Jian。
Maybe Xia Jian kept staring at He Yumei for the reason,This woman smiled to Xia Jian when she put down her chopsticks:“To be a good farmer,First of all to have a good body。Where does good health come from?Skip eating,How does that work。Can eat”
“She is right,She can do farm work in her teens,The average man is not her opponent。At this point,I’m not bragging”Yao Junli looked at her good friend,Very seriously。