“This one only costs five thousand yuan。”The shop owner said to a lady,I saw the root carving she was holding,Can’t help but promote。

Liang Yu,I’ll put it back right away。Five thousand yuan,For her,too expensive,Bags over one thousand yuan,She is not willing to buy,Don’t talk about this kind of handicraft。
Populus is beside,Reminded:“Five thousand yuan,Worth starting。”
I heard what Hu said,Liang Yu immediately changed his mind,Happy to pay。Their pedestrian,Are centered on Populus euphratica,Never questioned the ability of Populus。He said it was worth starting,Then it must be profitable。
If you don’t know how to pay,,I deserve to be poor all my life。
Others are a little envious,Guess Liang Yu will definitely make a fortune。really,Follow Brother Hu to have meat!
Looked in the store for a while,Hu Yang took everyone out,There’s nothing worth shooting。
After going outside,Someone asked Hu Yang,How much is the root carving that Liang Yu got。
“Precisely,It is not a root carving,It’s a handicraft carved by tree knots。”Hu Yang told them。
prior to,Populus euphratica explained to everyone about tree tumor,Just like a human tumor,But this disease,Has become a good material,Crafted crafts,Often the price is not low。
“and,It’s gall wood,It’s more valuable。”
It is not surprising that local wood has tumors in general,But a few precious woods have larger tumors,Some even the whole tree grows into a hollow core,All nutrients are concentrated on the nodules,The fibrous tissue inside this tree tumor has changed,Form a variety of beautiful patterns,We call it“Gall wood“。
“This one,Three to fifty thousand should be requested。”
Liang Yu was surprised,Predict that I will come out to see Brother Hu this time,Will gain something,I didn’t expect it to happen so soon。Only started at five thousand yuan,Turned over several times at once,Even ten times。