Little apples fight seven diseases

Little apples fight seven diseases

“One apple a day keeps the disease away from me” is a well-known health slogan.

70% of the diseases occur in people with acidic constitutions, and people are mostly acidic constitutions. Apple can improve the acidic constitutions to maintain the acid-base balance of the body.

Apples are alkaline foods. Eating apples can quickly neutralize excessive acidic substances in the body (including acid produced by sports and acidic metabolites produced by acidic foods such as fish, meat, eggs, etc.), thereby enhancing physical strength and disease resistance.

Research analysis shows that eating apples can directly resist the invasion of the following seven diseases.

  Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s syndrome: A study in the United States has made new discoveries about the health mechanism of apples. With reference to other vegetables and fruits, the “quercetin” contained in fresh apples is the best.

Quercetin is a type of antioxidant that resists chemical damage caused by sunlight, chemical reactions, and daily stress.

This is the best food for people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s syndrome.

Red apples contain more quercetin than yellow and green apples.

  Hyperlipidemia: Apples can lower blood lipids.

When apple pectin enters the body, it can bind with bile acids, absorb excess syringes and triglycerides like a sponge, and then excrete them.

At the same time, apple-decomposed acetic acid is beneficial to the catabolism of these two substances.

In addition, vitamins, fructose, and magnesium in apples can also reduce their content.

  Hypertension: Excessive sodium is an important cause of high blood pressure and stroke.

Apples contain a large amount of potassium, which can be combined with excess sodium in the body and excreted from the body, thereby lowering blood pressure.

At the same time, potassium ions can effectively protect blood vessels and reduce the incidence of hypertension and stroke.

The polyphenols and flavonoids contained in apples can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Cancer: The polyphenols in apples can inhibit the growth of tumors. The flavonoids in apples are a highly effective antioxidant. It is not only the best blood vessel scavenger, but also the killer of cancer.

If someone eats more apples, the chance of getting lung cancer can be reduced by 46%, and the chance of getting other cancers can be reduced by 20%.

Proanthocyanidins in apples can prevent colon cancer.

  Osteoporosis: Apples contain boron and manganese, mineral elements that strengthen bone.

Medical experts believe that if menopausal women can ingest 3 grams of boron every day, their calcium loss rate can be reduced by 46%. Menopausal women eat more apples, which can help calcium absorption and utilization, and prove osteoporosis.

  Obesity: Apples can increase satiety. Eating before meals can reduce food intake and achieve weight loss.