The best way to drink tea and health

The best way to drink tea and health

First, dieters should drink oolong tea, Pu’er tea, black tea oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, almost no vitamin C, but can replace iron, calcium and other minerals, has the effect of promoting digestive enzymes and decomposition activities.

Drinking a cup of oolong tea after a meal before meals can prevent excessive overheating caused by excessive excess.

Black tea has a significant effect on inhibiting the increase of abdominal fat. It produces a pu?ol component during fermentation and has the effect of preventing slight accumulation.

Pu’er tea is a master of eliminating excess cockroaches.

  Tip: Diuretic detoxification oolong tea hot drink works best; want to use black tea to lose weight, it is best to drink just brewed strong tea.

  Second, those who are exposed to the computer should drink chrysanthemum tea. The white chrysanthemum in green tea has the function of detoxification, and it is resistant to the summer heat, harmful chemical substances and radioactive substances accumulated in the body.

Chrysanthemum has a good effect on the treatment of eye fatigue and blurred vision.

The vitamins in tea help restore and prevent vision loss.

In addition, β-carotene, molybdenum, calcium, lipid disaccharide, tea polyphenols and the like in tea can improve visual fatigue and radiation protection.

  Tip: Drinking tea is just a health care, not a cure, and the long-term effect is best.

  Third, people with odors should drink green tea. The catechins in black tea green tea have a good effect on the odor in the mouth. Black tea contains very little catechins, but because it contains yello, it also has excellent bad breath effect.

  Tip: To get rid of bad breath, drink black tea to chew, the effect will be better.

  Fourth, children drink tea three bogey tea contains phenolic substances, protein, vitamins and trace elements phosphorus, calcium, zinc, potassium, fluorine, etc., is beneficial to children’s growth and development.

And has the function of anti-inflammatory and clear fire.

However, there are three taboos for children to drink tea: 1.

Children should not drink more tea, and more will increase the body’s water, increase the heart, kidney burden;

Children’s tea should not be thick, thicker makes children highly excited, heartbeat speeds up and cause insomnia, resulting in excessive consumption of nutrients affecting growth and development, but also affecting the absorption of iron.

Children should not drink tea, children should drink now, and should not drink too long Chen tea.

  Fifth, the elderly refrain from drinking strong tea and tea has many benefits for the elderly. It has the effect of refreshing the mind and promoting digestion, and often maintains regular health.

However, if you drink too much tea, it will hurt your body.

Older people often consume a lot of body tea, which is prone to many physical discomforts, such as constipation, elevated blood pressure, and indigestion.

  Six, people who are not suitable for drinking tea, insomnia, cold, fever, stomach ulcers, pregnant women and other people should not drink tea.

Because the caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system, so that the mind is clear, not conducive to sleep; increase the heart rate of pregnant women, increase their heart, kidney burden, etc., is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.