And Liuyun Cthulhu’s punch hit the sky,Fist as sword,In fact, it is not weaker than《Open Sky Slash》stunt。

Only the few top powerhouses present can understand the level of his punch,Surprised Mo Ming。
Because in this punch of Liuyun Cthulhu,It actually contains one of the strongest combat skills in the warrior profession.《Swordsmanship》Jiantian Jianyi,Power is not inferior to《Open Sky Slash》Magic。
Sun Sword Skill vs. Open Heaven Slash!This is the ultimate showdown of fighters’ strongest skills!
I saw a fire dragon rising into the sky,Tooth and claw,Hit the huge ice blade that fell in the air head-on,Two energy hedging bursts with completely different attributes,Earth-shattering。
Sun Chasing swordsmanship is based on fire energy,Main attack damage,But Open Heaven Slash is the path of cold energy,Has an action to block the enemy,The miraculous effect of direct attack。
These two are rare warrior skills,No one thought that they would shine in this seed contest,Exposed in front of everyone。
The faces of the seeded team players present are as earthy,They finally saw Wu Hao’s true strength,Won first place by such a guy,Indeed deserves its name,It’s hard not to be convinced。
Just seeing that he can fight a forty-third level fighter like Liuyun Cthulhu without showing defeat.,Has surpassed all the younger generations present。
One ice one fire,The two energies are still in fierce confrontation,Ice melted into fire,Produces a lot of vapor,The fog is getting bigger and bigger,Gradually enveloped the ring。
Liuyun Cthulhu maintains a stable energy output,A calm and relaxed look,But I was shocked。
What he marveled was not Wu Hao’s Open Heaven Slashing power,But it feels a little weird,Because only maintain this high intensity energy output,In order to maintain the power of magical skills,But this intensity,For the body itself,Will have an extremely heavy burden。
Liuyun Cthulhu is already at level 43,He even stepped into the legendary forty-fourth-level sanctuary,So this kind of physical burden is for him,Not much。