How is the bastard?。

Even if I come to a phone call.。
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First1456Chapter Start
First1456Chapter Start
Orchard Road,Absolutely the most prosperous zone of Star Island。
Not only is the famous tourist shopping street,It is also the assembly place of fashion trend.,Belonging to the central shopping area of Star Island,It is also the place where tourists will go。
The next morning,Xu Meizhen can’t wait to pull the summer to go to Wuquan Road.。
This street is extremely prosperous,Street two sides of the street,Various restaurant bars and entertainment centers,More people from all kinds of skin colors around the world。
Summer and Xu Meizhen in the crowd,Enter a variety of famous brand clothing stores,Jewelry store,Leather shop,Perfume shop……I only don’t buy it.。
The last two entered a gift shop,Xu Meizhen bought a lighter that is not too expensive.,When a gift is given to the summer。
“Brother,Give you,All,When you get smoking in the future,Remember……Remember to use this lighter……”
Xu Meizhen is very happy,The round goose face is somewhat,“Then……So you won’t forget me.……”
Summary is a little pity, caught her brunette,Take over the lighter,Laugh,“Don’t think so much,Just I am leaving here.,We can also contact us often。” Xu Meizhen nodded hard,Re-bloom a smile,It looks very sweet。
But the more she is like this.,The more you feel pity in the summer.,He feels that this little girl seems to have matured many nights.。
Next,The two continue to go shopping。
Summary at the same time。
Although most memories,But he always feels some of the important information.。
For example, what is the feeling of gas in his body??
And his strong skill,Those moving skills have not been related memory。
Also, the inexplicable snake knife。
How is he missed?
A lot of。
I thought a lot along all the way.,Detained,He thinks that it will be unbearable.?
This thought will make him feel a little difficult to believe in a life.。
Noon,The two enters the largest Tesan shopping mall in Orchard Road,And then up to the second floor,It is an unclear number of famous brand luxury goods.。
Xu Meizhen joked a sound,The front runs in front of time, I hope to my favorite goods.。
And the summer is leisurely walking outside,Looking at Xu Meizhen, who is running jumping,Positive youthful age,It looks so pleasing。
This leisurely has been interrupted.。
Fladder,One store door on the left is pushed away,And Xu Meizhen happened to go there。
I don’t know how much power is used.,Xu Meizhen called,I was hit by it.。
Tight it out of a group of people。
First, it is a young man who has a body shape.,Dark-skinned,A pair of eyes bright,Being next to him is a pretty woman,Wearing exposure,Extremely enchanting。
Several people next to them are young people who are temperament.,Wearing seemingly simple and expensive,It’s not ordinary people at first glance.。
Dun solid youth just came out,Xu Meizhen, who fell on the ground,,Not only do not help people,Didn’t apologize,But anger,“You are blind?”