The former is now Magic,It is impossible to have this Yaxing,Huang Yi Youth Disciples,Also toolman,In addition to capable、Will not be fascinated by heaven and earth,One is no……

As for people who say no martial arts,Can’t be a happy master?
But now played,Obviously used internal force,And it is still high,How this Chu deer does not feel?
“I can’t think of the island.?”Chu Deee surprised。
“Chu League is actually available on time,That is to see several old people.,I believe that they will be very curious about two.……Them……Idle!”Zhang San said and shook his head.。
Chu Deirers wondered uncomfortable——Could this island,Normal person?
Then why didn’t they leave??
“go,Four brothers,Let’s go to see the insight。”Chu Deirers said,Greet the dog hybrid。
Zhang San is also followed behind,Anyway, he rewards the good, it is a nine——Working for a year、Rest for nine years,I am still idle now.。
Leave the stone sink,Going too far away,Behind the earth,Chu Deiren saw a group“Sunset”,More than a dozen old old lady,Blow up、Be all available,Even a gnome is accompanied by a song playing orangutan……
Not orangutan,Is a high horse,Middle-aged man who has a madman,At this time, I was played by a small elf.。
This little elf is not like a general gnome,It is like it is like Yu Huahai.,Dwarf figure,Only frequent people are half high,But the limbs、The scale of the skull is very well,No different from ordinary people,That is a few。
And the big man who is playing,Dance dance,Also known as“Extraordinary”,Seems to have no rules,Real definition high martial arts……
Although it is all different,But this style of Chu Deirers have seen!
Think more think about it.,This is not a coreland“Crazy one hundred and eight”NS?
exactly,This is not the trick of the coreland,But her is a mad lion warhouse……
Seems messy,And I have to fight.,However, there is a copy of it.。
Not only the offensive is like a river、Continuous,Let the martial arts are slightly lingering,Although it is more crazy,But the combat intuition will also be solemn!
Tiexinlan martial arts limited,Not completely suitable for this kung,So the level is limited。
At this time this person is used out,Although it is impressed by Chu Dee“Crazy one hundred and eight”To be more advanced,But the total style is the same,And make the sky……
Contact this person’s dress again,Chu Deirers also reacted——Ten eight nine,This person is Tiexinlan’s pit、Top ten wicked people’s mad lion battle!
《Double arrogance》In the original,The mad lion war is in many years ago,I heard that there is a group of martial arts in overseas.,So I decided to go to the sea to seek,Martial arts……
Ten wicked people in the iron level,This is because he is a“Mud”,Typical limbs developed、Simple-minded,Behavior is crazy,I have to compete for the opponent.,And often can’t stay,Cause people to disability!
Do so,The people who are 揍 揍 is all disasters,Naturally included in the top ten wicked people。
certainly,The iron war is often hiped by people.——After all, he is“Mud”,Not bullying,Forced to compete for objects,Also similar、Or is slightly stronger than your own master。
Before the sea,The iron war also knows how much you have,In order not to be disturbed,I will hand over the Treasures of Yannan Tian to the only daughter.,In this way, the attention of people in the rivers and lakes……
Say this behavior,Should be a cold and ruthless person。
But after he returns from overseas,But it is very moving to the daughter.、And the protection is very strong,Therefore, I can only say……This is really crazy,I haven’t worry about my head.,Do things also!
And he is in the original,The legacy of the iron war is also willing to pay,When returning from overseas,Martial arts,More than other wicked people。
Because he really found anhanka,Get the guidance of the hidden hidden people above one vote……
These high people,How much is?
More than ten people join hands,Can be jealous with the moon!
A group of people saw the moon of the moon nine,Don’t want to take the initiative to be difficult to,However, more than a dozen old guys join hands to discuss face to the moon.,Inviting the month, also scruples, no immediate shots——Invitation moon,If it is not very jealous,Can’t course it。
Although a bunch of old guys,Compared to the previous one“Young woman”,Some people do not have this matter,But if this person is inviting the month,Then it seems that these high people still have a colored!
Just the Chu Deiren did not think,Actually in the Heroes Island,Meet the madman battle,That……More than a dozen people around……
“Who is these old seniors??They have not been hiped by heaven and earth?”Chu Deirers curiosity to Zhang San。
“Charmed,But also adapt,At least once can coordinate eating every day、Sleeping and practicing,Also have idle energy practice instruments,Tao Yao。”Zhang San explained。