A person who can be recommended to everyone by Chai Jinxiong,How could he be a simple character??

At this moment,Chai Jinxiong laughed,Shook his head:“Liang Tsai,You don’t know that!Xiaojiang join us
,Old guys like us support him,A legendary film,Wouldn’t it be easy to get it??”
Liang Tsai was Liang Chengshuang’s mixed number when he was young,When he was a young man,Often follow Chai Jinxiong,I was called by Liang Zai Liang Zai for most of my life,Old age now,I heard this name suddenly,Inevitably bring back memories。
“That’s true!It’s rare that Lao Chai can afford him,We all contribute together,It’s not easy to want to fly?”He Saizhong smiled and joked。
“Ha ha,It depends on whether young people know how to seize opportunities。”Chai Jinxiong grinned,Patted Jiang Qizhi on the shoulder。
Jiang Qizhi doesn’t talk much,Skilled start shuffling,Stack of cards,The style of a veteran country gambling。
This person is neither arrogant nor rash,At first glance, it is determined,Unshakable。Several old rivers and lakes present commented on it in their hearts。
Mahjong played a few laps,Four people win or lose each other。They are not betting big,In other words, these people’s minds are not on the bet at all,But by playing cards,Chat with one another。
Jiang Qizhi is very stable on the poker table,Also seems very comfortable,In the meantime,Not obtrusive,Easy to blend in。
suddenly,The phone on Chai Jinxiong’s hand rang。
Chai Jinxiong picked up the phone and looked at it,Threw it to the son aside。
Chai Shao holds his father’s phone,Walked to the corner of the room to answer。
quickly,Chai Shao’s face changed drastically,Stride to Chai Jinxiong’s side,Bowed his head and said something in his father’s ear。
Chai Jinxiong frowned suddenly,The 80,000 in hand hovering in mid-air,Can’t fight。
At this moment,Lai Shengchao, who was sitting in the hall tasting wine, suddenly stood up,Headed towards Chai Jinxiong。
“Lao Chai,Stop for a while,problem occurs。”Lai Shengchao said。
What he said,The big guys at the scene stopped the activities at hand,Cast his eyes on him。
To know,Can tell from the chief of police“problem occurs”Three words,Know without thinking,It must be something big。